Enhance cooperation to a new height to build an energy ecosystem | Yellow River Basin energy and chemical industry high-quality development theme research group into Pengfei



On the afternoon of April 11, a 14-member research group on the high-quality development of the energy and chemical industry in the Yellow River Basin led by Cui Xuejun, secretary of the party committee and chairman of China Chemical Industry News Co., Ltd., entered Pengfei Group and held an exchange and discussion with Zheng Peng, chairman and president of the board of directors, on the high-quality development of the energy and chemical industry and seeking common future cooperation, attended by relevant business leaders of Pengfei Group.



"China Chemical Industry News" is an industry daily newspaper for China's petroleum and chemical industry under the supervision of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, with production and economic news and information as the main content. It is also the main position of public opinion in the national petrochemical industry.



Wei Liqiong, deputy editor-in-chief of China Chemical Industry News, introduced the activities of the research team and its current media situation, support system, strategic layout, operation platform and other contents of China Chemical Industry News. He said that the research aims to fully tap Pengfei Group's typical experience in green, low-carbon and high-quality development, gather resources and wisdom from various parties, build an ecological circle and build a good circle of friends.



The relevant person in charge of Pengfei Group reported on Pengfei's achievements and typical experience in promoting ecological environmental protection, green development, high-quality development, and regional coordinated development, the problems and problems encountered in development, and the demands and suggestions for future development.

Cui Xuejun and Zheng Peng signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides. According to the agreement, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages, further deepen cooperation, join forces, create and share together, continuously improve the level of exchanges and cooperation, and promote the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of Shanxi's energy and chemical industry.



Participants also exchanged views on traditional transformation, digital empowerment, first-class standards, smart fire protection, complementary advantages, and integrated development.

Cui Xuejun:

Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. Based on coal, Pengfei Group enters the hydrogen energy industry and develops the equipment manufacturing industry. It is large-scale, high-investment, high-minded, courageous and courageous. The two sides will also jointly explore and carry out substantive cooperation projects. It is recommended that the two parties establish daily communication and contact channels to understand each other's needs, and through regular high-level exchanges of visits, the relationship between the two parties will be elevated to a new height; each other will have more topics, clarify each other's requirements, and do things of common concern; both parties should focus on Industry, industry and major industrial propositions that they are concerned about, organize high-level, far-sighted forums to achieve win-win cooperation, win cooperation, and ultimately achieve win industry, work together to build and develop a good industrial ecosystem.



Zheng Peng:

Zheng Peng extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the research team. It is pointed out that as the first two green factory enterprises in Shanxi with the certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Pengfei Group focuses on the high-quality use of coal, how to empower human beings with coal, how to use clean energy efficiently, and takes the lead in coming up with a survival path to change the future. To demand energy upstream and develop downstream, Pengfei should not only act as an energy supplier, but also stride forward on the road to become a green spokesperson for high-quality development and environmental improvement.

Zheng Peng said that Pengfei's main battlefield is to give priority to energy and use clean energy efficiently so that the process of using energy will no longer pollute the environment. The commanding height is to tell the story of hydrogen energy and realize that everyone can empower hydrogen and hydrogen can empower everyone. It is hoped that the two sides will take the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to promote the implementation of the agreement as soon as possible, empower and support each other, further expand the breadth and depth of cooperation, expand the ecological circle, work together to tell the story of high-quality development Pengfei, help the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and contribute to the creation of a beautiful China.



Before the meeting, the research group also visited the urban hydrogenation integrated energy island and the 5G central dispatching command and management center.