Pengfei Group and the State Key Laboratory of China University of Mining and Technology held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony



Riding on the east wind of the successful conclusion of the National Two Sessions, on March 15th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Pengfei Group and the State Key Laboratory of Deep Geotechnical Mechanics and Underground Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) was successfully held in Liulin County. The two parties reached a consensus: Long-term and in-depth cooperation will be carried out in the research and application of coal mining technology and the construction of high-tech demonstration bases.


Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the State Key Laboratory of Deep Rock and Soil Mechanics and Underground Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) He Man Chao and laboratory expert team, Secretary of Liulin County Party Committee Yang Yuexiang, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor Yan Mingxing, Liulin County Party Committee, County Government and Relevant functional departments, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group Zheng Peng, and relevant persons in charge of various systems and mine managers, liulin County, the relevant main enterprise responsible person, coal mine manager scene or video to participate in the signing ceremony.



At the ceremony, Zheng Peng and He Manchao signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both enterprises and schools. The agreement stipulates that through the cooperation between the two parties, Pengfei Group will be built into an important high-tech demonstration base for the promotion of coal-free pillar self-forming lane 110/N00 construction method in Shanxi Province and even the whole country, a scientific and technological achievements incubation base, and a high-level talent training base for Pengfei High-quality development provides strong technical support and talent guarantee.



He Manchao gave a special lecture on the spot and pointed out that through the joint efforts of the expert team, Pengfei was helped to introduce advanced technology, improve the quality of personnel, and fully realize intelligent mining. At the same time, I hope that Pengfei Group and the expert team will work together to forge ahead and take responsibility for the ambitious goal of the coal mining industry.



Zheng Peng extended a warm welcome to all the experts, leaders and guests attending the ceremony. He said that the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement with the State Key Laboratory is not only a new starting point for Pengfei Group and national laboratories to work together to create a better future, but also a model of cooperation between national research institutions and entity enterprises. It is also a strong alliance to provide Pengfei practice and Pengfei case for the development of China's coal mining technology, look forward to the strategic cooperation between the two sides as soon as possible "blossom and bear fruit", drawing a concentric circle to build a dream forward!



Yang Yuexiang extended his warm congratulations on the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Pengfei Group and the State Key Laboratory of Deep Geomechanics and Underground Engineering. It is pointed out that it is hoped that the two sides will take this signing as a starting point, work together and go hand in hand to promote the application of the "110 construction method" in Pengfei Jinliu energy coal mines as soon as possible, and create an intelligent "demonstration benchmark" in the coal industry. to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win development. It is hoped that Pengfei Jinliu Energy will take this cooperation as an opportunity to strengthen the docking of production, teaching and research, steadily promote scientific and technological research projects such as intelligent green and safe coal mining and clean, efficient and deep utilization, and realize the green transformation of the coal industry. The county party committee and county government will strive to provide the best service, create the best environment, let experts and professors focus on innovation, let enterprises feel at ease to start their own businesses, and work together with everyone to create a better future.



The signing of the strategic agreement between Pengfei Group and the State Key Laboratory of Rock and Soil Mechanics and Underground Engineering is a strong alliance between the enterprise and the State Key Laboratory. With the help of the scientific research strength, technology and talent advantages of the State Key Laboratory, the vast coal plate platform of Pengfei Group is conducive to promoting the rapid development and application of advanced mining technology and forming a complete set of green mining technology. Effectively promote the safe production of Pengfei Group, reduce costs and increase efficiency, promote the overall local industrial upgrading, resource transformation and scientific research innovation, serving and leading the coal industry and even the world's mining technology to achieve new changes, have a very important and far-reaching impact on improving the economic benefits of the coal industry and creating a new sustainable development of modern coal base.