Dedication does not say hard pursuit is endless -- Zheng Peng, winner of the May 1st Labor Medal of Shanxi Province and chairman of Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd.



Dedication does not say bitter pursuit of endless--Zheng Peng, winner of the May 1st Labor Medal of Shanxi Province and chairman of Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd.

2018-02-05 The backbone of the Republic Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd


Zheng Peng is a knowledgeable, insightful, thinking ahead of the people, after years of ideological precipitation, temperedToday's Brilliant Look at PengfeiPengfei thought,Loyalty, Noble, Cohesion, EnterprisingThe essence of thought,Change your thinking, keep pace with the times, face up to difficulties and pursue perfectionthe guidelines,Day by day, year by yearenterprise standards andTruth-seeking, immersionThe work attitude.

Zheng Peng is an expert in the coal chemical industry. Green development is the main line of development of the enterprises he operates, high-tech leadership is the focus of development, innovation and development is the driving force of development, and bigger and stronger is the ultimate vision.

From2008Since the coal situation has continued to decline, coal-based enterprises are facing survival problems, especially.2015In 2002, many coal mines and coking plants were facing bankruptcy. Under this situation, Zheng Peng broke through the ideological restrictions and took coking as the core to realize the full utilization of waste gas, waste residue and waste oil generated in the coking production process. The development mode of modern coal chemical enterprises with closed, full cycle and whole industry chain from raw coal mining, clean coal production, coke smelting and fine chemical industry is more perfect.

The upgrading of traditional industries has become cutting-edge technology, green and efficient new energy products, which has truly realized the extension of the industrial chain from coke to chemical industry. Coke has become a by-product, and chemical production has become the main product, which has completely changed the traditional profit model, and environmental protection demand is more important. The driving force for the company to continue to innovate and move forward. The concept of environmental protection has been deeply cultivated in every corner of Pengfei Group. Now, when introducing any important industry, energy conservation and environmental protection are taken as the basic consideration, developing environment-friendly technology and equipment, and practicing the social responsibility of Pengfei Group.

Environmental protection transformation is not limited to the introduction of new industrial projects. Chairman Zheng Peng also made great efforts to upgrade the traditional coking industry in an all-round way. Among them, through the introduction and development of coke oven flue gas desulfurization and denitrification waste heat recovery integration project, to achieve the first desulfurization and denitrification, is conducive to reducing the amount of desulfurization catalyst filling, prolong the life of the catalyst;150Celsius, flue gas treatment back to the original chimney, always in a hot standby state, set the flue gate door power-off automatic opening system, to ensure the safety of coke oven under special working conditions.

With the continuous development and growth of the scale of the enterprise, Chairman Zheng Peng will also turn more energy to the construction of corporate culture and personnel training. As the soul of the enterprise, talents can effectively gather talents, cultivate talents and give full play to the maximum effect of talents, so as to create more economic benefits for the company. Therefore, behind every technological upgrade of the group is an experience and growth of the talent team. In recent years, a group of technical teams with development thinking have gathered in the enterprise. Jointly with Sanju Environmental Protection, it has introduced a number of Sanju Environmental Protection patents and a domestic first-class scientific research team; cooperated with the Coal Chemical Industry Research Institute of Taiyuan University of Technology to establish a scientific research sharing platform.60Many doctors share patents on new coal conversion catalytic materials. The continuous growth of the talent team and the introduction of high-tech have inserted wings for Pengfei Group to take off, helping it to continuously occupy the technological peak of the coal-based industry in the province and even the whole country.

A hard work, a harvest. Under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Peng, Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. has won many honors,2015The year was selected as the manufacturing industry in Shanxi Province.100strong enterprises,2015Annual top ten coking production enterprises, advanced grass-roots party organizations. Its individual is also rated2015AnnualMeritorious Entrepreneur of Shanxi ProvinceHe was elected as the executive director of the sixth Council of Shanxi Enterprise Federation and Shanxi Entrepreneur Association, and the first president of Luliang Coking Industry Association. It is his unremitting efforts that Pengfei will achieve today's results. I believe that under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Peng, Xiaoyi Pengfei will be more brilliant.