Pengfei Invites China Agricultural University Experts to Revitalize Rural Industry


Pengfei, Shanxi


From February 15 to 16, Gao Fengxiang, dean of the Strategic Research Institute of China Agricultural University and former inspector of the Rural Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, led a team into Pengfei Jinliu to carry out special research and hold exchanges and discussions with local governments and enterprises, providing consulting services for the landing of Pengfei Jinliu agricultural projects and industrial development, and helping Pengfei Jinliu to realize the industrialization and industrial workers' industrialization of the park. Liao Yuncheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanxi Agricultural University, attended, Yang Yuexiang, Secretary of the Liulin County Party Committee, accompanied by Yan Mingxing, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor, and Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group.


On the afternoon of the 15th, Gao and his party held exchanges and discussions with Zheng Peng and relevant project leaders. Dang Wensheng, head of Jinliu Agricultural Park, reported in detail the relevant situation of the agricultural park and said that he hoped that the expert leaders could put forward a path suitable for the development of the park and point out the direction for the development of the park.



Gao pointed out that the strength of China's agriculture is inseparable from the injection of corporate capital. Pengfei Group is an enterprise that has made significant contributions to the country's energy construction. It is commendable to be involved in agriculture, a public welfare and social sector. The research team will help Pengfei Jinliu to establish a first-class modern intelligent agricultural demonstration base in Luliang by listening, talking, and seeing, with a sincere attitude of doing things.



Zheng Peng extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Dean Gao and his entourage, and hoped that through the pulse of experts and scholars, the investment of modern technology, and the drive of enterprises, Pengfei Jinliu's agricultural sector can be formed in the park with characteristics, bright spots, and sustainability. The development of the industry promotes local economic development and stimulates the vigorous momentum of rural revitalization.



On the morning of the 16th, accompanied by Yang Yuexiang, secretary of the Liulin County Party Committee, the inspection team went to the Fenghuangling Walnut Forest Base and the water storage dam to visit and investigate the walnut production, tree shape, diseases and insect pests, etc., and inquired in detail about the current walnut forest. The main problems faced by the industry, water storage capacity, aquaculture and farmland irrigation.



At the exchange forum held after the inspection, the members of the inspection team exchanged speeches on the on-site investigation. Liao Yuncheng implemented the Central Document No. 1, led the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, focused on the provincial party committee and provincial government to realize the industrial deployment of rural revitalization, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on the transformation and development of Pengfei Jinliu agricultural sector.



Gao Xiangxiang made a concluding speech, saying that the investigation of this trip not only saw the determination of Pengfei Group to lead the agricultural park back to life and take a new path, but also saw the Liulin County Party Committee and County Government to build modern sustainable agriculture and build a new type of rural areas. Pay attention. The agricultural sector of Pengfei Jinliu has the basic conditions of industrial layout in the forefront of the same type of areas, but there are still deficiencies in farmland water conservancy supporting facilities, agricultural products circulation supporting facilities, market development functions, etc., I hope that the government, enterprises, and expert groups can form a consensus, From the perspective of national and regional development, regional characteristic industries, the supply function of high-quality products, the ecological protection function of the hills and mountains of the Yellow River Basin, the function of health and leisure, and the function of integrating primary, secondary and tertiary industries are the main concepts of upgrading the agricultural sector to create a first-class ecological health and health agricultural park in the Yellow River Basin.



Zheng Peng expressed his gratitude to the experts for their advanced and feasible guidance and development suggestions on the development of Jinliu agriculture, and proposed to formulate detailed future development strategic plans based on local customs and current conditions, and give full play to natural advantages and capital Advantages, the advantages of science and technology, the effective use of the national three rural policies, seize the opportunity to take the initiative, and use the advanced management experience of the country's top 500 enterprises, from the industrial road to the agricultural direction, for the economic take-off of Liulin, for the benefit of one side of the people to contribute Pengfei Jinliu strength.



Yan Mingxing said that the fruitful results of this exchange and discussion have injected a strong impetus into the future development of Pengfei Jinliu Agricultural Park. The county party committee and county government will support the development of the park and actively help the agricultural park solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development process.



Yang Yuexiang welcomed the arrival of the expert group and emphasized that the Liulin County Party Committee and the county government will fully support the development of Pengfei Jinliu agricultural sector, take more powerful measures, gather more powerful forces, and comprehensively promote rural revitalization.



Yang Yuexiang: We will fully support the work of Dean Gao's team in Liulin, and we will definitely support Jinliu and Pengfei Group to build this matter into a national first-class benchmark, creating a new model and model for rural revitalization and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin. Project, please rest assured that our county party committee and county government will do their best to support the construction of this project and make it stronger and bigger, leave a bright pearl for the people of Liulin.