Dapeng Soars and Shairs Majestic Posture-A Tour of 23 Years of Development of Pengfei Group Company in Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province



Dapeng Soars and Shairs Majestic Posture-A Tour of 23 Years of Development of Pengfei Group Company in Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province

From being born in adversity in 1993 to becoming stronger and bigger step by step now, under the guidance of the banner, Pengfei Group has gone through 23 years of struggling to rise; conforming to the torrent of the development of the times, under the guidance of the banner, Pengfei Group has waded out a brilliant road to prosperity.

In the past 23 years, Pengfei Group has forged ahead, fully implemented the scientific concept of development, innovation-driven transformation and development, committed to the construction of advanced culture with new ideas, and implemented the "five major development" strategy. the comprehensive strength of the enterprise has been significantly enhanced and the ability of sustainable development has been continuously improved.

Pengfei has been keeping pace with the times for 23 years and has been waving with the flag. When the language of poetry, song-like passion, fire-like enthusiasm-praise.


The development of "Dapeng Soaring and Shown Majestic Posture" is like a song.

There is a development that travels through time, is painted in history, and is displayed in the land of Sanjin with infinite vitality.

This kind of development belongs to the Pengfei Group, which is full of wings and soaring, and belongs to the thousands of "Pengfei" children who seize the day and strive for success. It can be said that every day of Pengfei Group is an element, every year is a note, and every entrepreneurship has set off a climax. To this day, the score has become a soul-stirring song of development.

This song melody strong, soul-stirring. For this, the author went to Xiaoyi three times to explore the mystery, and the last time I met the very busy founder of Pengfei Group-Chairman Zheng Peng.

Zheng Peng, 47, is strong, dark-faced and plainly dressed, giving people the impression of being honest, easy-going and open-minded.

Listening to Zheng Peng's story, you will feel a strong wind, appreciate a kind of wisdom and experience a kind of charm. This kind of charm comes from the power that he contains and radiates from time to time. This kind of power has clearly flowed in the "body" of "Pengfei", and then released its huge potential, and wrote a moving chapter of "Ask the vast earth, who is in charge of the ups and downs, and who creates glory.

A memory of chasing dreams and hard work. Dating back to 1993, Zheng Peng, who was only 23 years old, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship with full of ambition and high spirits, igniting the passion of devoting himself to the coal washing industry with the heat of fire. He closely linked fate with coal washing, and never stopped climbing for a moment. He interpreted the legend of an entrepreneur's dream pursuit with the spirit of "continuous self-improvement and innovation.

People clearly remember that relying on the rich local coal resources, he led everyone to eat and sleep, overcome difficulties such as poor production tools and difficult living conditions, competed for time, speed, and made concerted efforts to set up a small coal washing plant and started the coal washing business. One year later, he built the Pingxiang Furnace Coking Plant in his coal washing plant, which opened a new page in realizing his life dream and left a series of shining marks.

In the following three years, he made great strides through hardships and hardships to set up xiaoyi shanda coal coke co., ltd, with an annual output of 3.6 million tons of clean coal. Invest 0.15 billion yuan to set up xiaoyi pengfei automobile transportation company with a daily transportation volume of 50000 tons; Invest 0.5 billion yuan to build a special railway line, build the province's only container shipping station and five coke shipping terminals with an annual shipping capacity of 5 million tons, and boost the company's strong development. It embodies the painstaking efforts, wisdom and sweat of entrepreneurs.

The boundless love of Dapeng Flying

Pengfei 23 years, the interweaving of time and space is full of vitality everywhere.

Promoting agriculture by industry is related to the national economy and people's livelihood, repaying the interests of the people in the society, and benefiting the reputation of the company. Over the past 23 years, the group has been very concerned about the vital interests of the staff and workers, increased the income of the staff and workers in step with the development of the enterprise, solved the problems of clothing, food, housing and transportation, cultural life, and children's employment and schooling, actively responded to the call of the party and the state, abided by various laws and policies, focused on the interests of the state and the people, and devoted themselves to returning to the society, helping the poor and promoting the development of the surrounding rural areas.

In terms of promoting agriculture through industry and helping poverty alleviation, the group provided jobs for 600 college students and 1300 social groups in combination with the actual development of the enterprise, absorbed and helped more than 3000 employees get rid of poverty, and invested 700000 yuan to revitalize the new rural construction of the street office, which led more than 30000 people in 5 townships of Xiaoyi City to get rid of poverty, which greatly alleviated the local employment problem and reduced the burden on the government and society.

In terms of repaying the society, helping the poor and offering love, the group, while becoming bigger and stronger, does not forget to repay the society and benefit the people, and vigorously implements the "project of benefiting the people". First, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, donate 100000 yuan to support the development of religious undertakings in Xiaoyi City, and donate 300000 yuan to support earthquake relief in Sichuan. The second is to invest 5 million yuan for the construction of roads, dams and landscaping in Xiaoyi City. The third is to carry out the "send warmth and love" activities, donate a total of 4.3 million yuan, set up the "Gaoyang Education Fund" in Xiaoyi City, support the construction of 13 schools in 5 townships in Xiaoyi City, and distribute welfare value to the villagers of Gaoyang Village every year. 220000 yuan · · · · · ·

This means that goodness is like water, and virtue carries things; it means sending charcoal in the snow, and love is boundless; it means that a moving song and a touching story are widely spread in the land of Luliang and the mountains and rivers of Xiaoyi · · · · · ·

These good deeds and facts, which attach equal importance to virtue and help the poor, are like the sun shining on the body and warming the heart.

This is a sketch of the group's return to society and benefit Sangzi. This is a great painting of the times, a long scroll painted with thick ink of the times, and such a scroll should be celebrated with joy.

With the development of the enterprise, the wages of the group's employees continue to increase, all kinds of social security are available, living standards are booming, the cohesion of the enterprise is constantly enhanced, and the social image and influence of the enterprise are constantly improving. It has been awarded the titles of "Top 100 Enterprises in Shanxi Province", "Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Shanxi Province", "100 Honest Enterprises in China" and so on. Chairman Zheng Peng was successively named "Meritorious Entrepreneur" in Shanxi Province, won the "Moving Campus" Annual Figure Award in Shanxi Province, and was awarded "Love Gaoyang Dream University" by Xiaoyi City. "The title, was hired as the" Supervisor of Political Style "by Xiaoyi City, was hired as the" Integrity Supervisor "by the Shanxi Higher People's Court, and was elected as the executive director of the Sixth Council of Shanxi Enterprise Federation, Shanxi Entrepreneurs Association and the President of Luliang Coking Industry Association. On the eve of May 1 this year, Zheng Peng won the May 1 Labor Medal of Shanxi Province ".