To expand new industries and cultivate new production capacity | Provincial media focus on Pengfei hydrogen energy industry


Pengfei, Shanxi


Following the report on February 9 by the central broadcasting network of Pengfei hydrogen energy characteristic professional town construction achievements, on February 12, Shanxi satellite TV news broadcast, Shanxi radio and television comprehensive broadcast once again focused on Pengfei hydrogen energy industry chain and characteristic professional town development.



Shanxi Satellite TV News Network Program"High-tech enterprises in various parts of our province" accelerate running "and strive to sprint" get off to a good start"As mentioned in the hydrogen energy industry chain "chain main" enterprises, Pengfei Group aimed at the "gas-station-use-car" the whole industry chain development, seize the layout of hydrogen fuel vehicle supply chain, and constantly enrich the application scenario, set up 10,000 hydrogen energy heavy truck intelligent logistics company, to create a "zero carbon" logistics park. At the same time, through the hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation, processing, use, research and heavy truck, electric reactor and other hydrogen energy industry chain layout, in the hydrogen energy "blue ocean" to occupy the first opportunity, help Luliang become an important hydrogen energy supply base in North China, the domestic has an important influence of hydrogen energy application leading city.

"Coal" City to "Hydrogen" City

Shanxi Comprehensive Broadcasting focuses on the transformation from a "coal" city to a "hydrogen" city. It points out that Pengfei Group has signed cooperation projects involving 15 billion yuan with 8 well-known domestic enterprises, including electric reactors and hydrogen fuel systems, realizing cluster chain development and achieving zero breakthrough for high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises in Luliang City.

Focus on building the development of 10 billion-level hydrogen energy characteristic specialized towns, boost the high-quality development of Luliang with the construction of specialized towns, and forge a new engine of economic development. Pengfei will make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the whole province with the spirit of "starting and sprinting.