Excellent! "People's Daily" praised Pengfei, a national model worker


Pengfei, Shanxi


February 13

People's Daily reported Peng Fei Qin and Dong Qinliang, a national model worker.

Excellent deeds of continuous learning and progress rooted in the sea of coal

Praise for the outstanding representatives of coal miners








The article tells that after Dong Qinliang entered Pengfei Qinhe Huocun Coal Mine, he continuously improved his cultural quality and professional and technical level through open-minded consultation and careful consideration. He grew from a coal mine worker to the backbone of the monitoring center and was transferred to the ventilation department of Huocun Coal Mine as a technician in March 2022. During this period, he successfully completed the upgrading and transformation of the safety monitoring system and the construction of the coal mine accident risk analysis platform of the monitoring center, won the first prize of the 7th Vocational Skills Competition of Qinhe Company, the first-class merit of the Qinshui County Labor Competition Committee, the "Jincheng May 1st Labor Medal", "Shanxi Province May 1st Labor Medal", "Shanxi Province Special Model Worker" And other honors, won the title of "National Model Worker" in 2020.‍



"Do one line, love one line, drill one line, and do the best". Dong Qinliang is driven by "professional skills and professional industrialization", constantly learning, improving his core competitiveness, firmly holding his job in his own hands, making extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts, and upholding the Pengfei spirit of "loyalty, noble, cohesion and enterprising, struggle to pursue dreams in ordinary positions.

Learn from Dong Qinliang, a typical Pengfei man!