Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary Emphasizes in Pengwan Hydrogen Port: Local Entrepreneurs' Hometown Feelings are Precious




On January 29, Lan Foan, Secretary of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, came to Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park to listen to the introduction of the development of hydrogen energy projects, encourage enterprises to speed up the promotion of projects under construction, actively expand the application scenarios of hydrogen energy, and occupy the first opportunity and accelerate development in the "blue sea" of hydrogen energy.

"Secretary Lan Foan listened to the introduction, the scene for us Pengfei hydrogen energy praise, he pointed out that hydrogen energy is the ultimate energy in the future, to make up for technology through industry, to strongly support and encourage enterprises to mine more coal, with the money earned from coal mining, back-feeding technology. He stressed that the hometown feelings of local entrepreneurs are precious, Shanxi will create the best business environment, retain local entrepreneurs, encourage local entrepreneurs to invest in their hometown." On February 1, in an interview with a reporter from China Chemical News, Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Shanxi Pengfei Group Co., Ltd., told reporters.

Zheng Peng also said: "Secretary Lan Foan's great praise and expectation for Pengwan Hydrogen Port has injected strong confidence and surging momentum into the enterprising Pengfei people. We will fully implement the spirit of Secretary Lan Foan's research speech instructions in combination with the company's 30th anniversary enterprise building activities, strengthen confidence for development, strengthen innovation for breakthroughs, and concentrate on the cause, strive to carry the banner and set an example in the construction of the province's coal green mining base, coal chemical industry demonstration base, and coal-based scientific and technological achievements transformation base, and make every effort to promote the hydrogen energy industry to become large-scale and brand-name, and make Pengfei people to promote the high-quality development of Shanxi. New and greater contributions."

China Chemical Industry News reporter Yan Junrong