[New Year's Day at the Grassroots Level] Pengfei Group: Greet Every Day with Responsibility and Responsibility



[New Year's Day at the Grassroots Level] Pengfei Group: Greet Every Day with Responsibility and Responsibility

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2018 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and a crucial year for winning a well-off society in an all-round way and building a modern regional central city. We will go to the grassroots level in the Spring Festival. This year we will set out again. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we will focus the camera on the cadres and workers in all walks of life who stick to their posts during the festival to see what the big guys are doing. Look at the new changes that have taken place in the land of Shengxi in the new era. In Pengfei Group, in order to ensure the safe use of gas during the festival, more than a thousand employees stick to the front line to ensure that there are no errors in all aspects of LNG production and processing. Today's "New Year Walk to the Grassroots", let's go to Pengfei Group to have a look.

Pengfei Group's 600000-ton methanol co-production 0.4 billion cubic meters LNG production project is an important project support for the city's transformation and leapfrog development. One of the products produced is to provide liquefied natural gas for the city's residents to ensure their daily life and travel gas needs. During the Spring Festival, the peak period of concentrated gas consumption, coupled with the suspension of foreign logistics, the supply of liquefied natural gas in the market has shrunk, and all kinds of gas consumption in the city can only rely on Pengfei Group as the transmission channel. On the first day of the Lunar New year, the reporter came to the Xinyu Coking Plant of Pengfei Group and found that the on-site equipment was operating normally, and the personnel on duty arrived on time. Shen Shirui, who worked in the workshop of the chemical plant, told the reporter that this year was the ninth Spring Festival he spent in this position.

Shen Shirui, Chief of Cold Drum in Chemical Workshop of Xinyu Coking Plant of Pengfei Group:

(We) This section is mainly to cool the yellow gas from the coke oven first, remove tar and neon from the gas, after this procedure, then provide gas to the subsequent section of the chemical plant through the blower, finally to the gas cabinet compressor, and then send methanol LNG to qualified gas through the compressor. If there is a failure in our place, it will first cause the coke oven to smoke, affect environmental protection, and affect the gas supply to methanol LNG.

LNG, commonly known as liquefied natural gas, is based on the surplus coke oven gas resources produced in the coking process of Pengfei Group's 5 million-ton coke production base. The coke oven gas is compressed, purified, decarbonized, and separated by cryogenic liquefaction at minus 170 degrees. Shen Shirui's blower post is the core area of the coking plant and the first stop for gas to enter many processing and production links of liquefied natural gas. If the control is not strict, the follow-up work will be done in vain.

Zhang Aimin, director of the LNG plant of Pengfei Group's methanol co-production plant:

For example, our methanol LNG plant is a chemical enterprise with strong continuity. It is different from the coal washing and coking in front of us. Each link of them is linked together, and each process is connected in series and indispensable. Moreover, its safety and control of process indicators, including the careful operation of employees, have a significant impact on each result. Therefore, this is a comprehensive and comprehensive management, which must be paid attention.

Pengfei Coking Plant and Xinyu Coking Plant both carry out initial processing of coke oven gas resources generated in the coking process that do not meet the requirements of liquefied natural gas, providing gas sources for methanol co-production LNG plants. Finally, methanol co-production LNG plants produce liquefied natural gas and deliver it to thousands of households up to the standard. Although all three plants operate at full capacity during the Spring Festival and produce 600000 cubic meters of LNG every day, the supply of liquefied natural gas is still tight.

Rui Zhenhua, director of Pengfei Coking Plant of Pengfei Group:

Pengfei Coking Plant has been designated by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission as a gas source plant to ensure the supply of methanol and LNG during the festival. In order to ensure the supply of methanol and LNG during the festival, our coking plant arranges the staff of the whole plant to work overtime. All front-line cadres and the top leaders of the workshop and factory department are not allowed to rest during the Spring Festival. All of them are in their posts to ensure a peaceful and happy Spring Festival.

Pengfei Group Pengfei Coking Plant Dispatching Director Zhang Xiaoyong:

In order to ensure that Pengfei Coking Plant can operate at full capacity during the Spring Festival, under the careful organization of the leaders of the factory department, the coking workshop is responsible for the production process and equipment management personnel, who take turns to carry out regular, fixed-point and quantitative inspection and maintenance of each responsible area every day. No personnel are allowed to ask for leave without special circumstances to ensure the normal operation of coke oven equipment and coke oven process indicators.

The particularity and irreplaceability determine that all employees of Pengfei's two coking plants and methanol co-production LNG production sites must stick to their posts during the Spring Festival. Many of them are foreigners, and there is no lack of old employees who have worked for more than ten years, but in everyone's heart, they all understand that they are in a special industry and shoulder the responsibility of people's livelihood.

Zhang Aimin, director of the LNG plant of Pengfei Group's methanol co-production plant:

First of all, this is a responsibility and a responsibility, because the first thing in the chemical industry is safety. If the enterprise is safe, it will ensure its continuity, and if it is stable, it will ensure its high yield and high yield. Therefore, since we are engaged in this chemical industry, we must shoulder this heavy burden and responsibility, so that we can stick to our posts in the factory, Only in this way can we ensure that the general public have a peaceful Spring Festival.

Rui Zhenhua, director of Pengfei Coking Plant of Pengfei Group:

Yesterday's New Year's Eve was also very busy. Yesterday, because of the condolences from the leaders of our headquarters company, we also went to the front line and spent New Year's Eve with the workers in our posts. We also felt that we had a very fulfilling life. As for our Pengfei Coking Plant and Gas Source Plant, we are also very honored to be able to provide such a convenient condition for everyone to use LNG normally during the Spring Festival.

There is a saying like this, "there is no time to be quiet, it's just that someone carries your weight for you." in the Spring Festival, the most solemn festival of our Chinese people, there are still many people who stick to their jobs silently and seriously. With their dedication as before, they have supported us with reunion, happiness and harmony. Here, Xiaoyi radio and television media people to these people who stick to the front line, I would like to extend my best wishes for the Spring Festival and wish them a happy and happy New Year!



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