Shanxi Pengfei Group 2.38 billion picked two parcels in Tianjin and successfully settled in Nankai!


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December 19On the 2nd, Tianjin sold the fourth batch of land in 2022, and Shanxi Pengfei Group successfully won two plots of land for the combat readiness building in Nankai District, Tianjin. The four-way scope of the combat readiness building is: east to Metallurgical Road, south to Huanghe Road, west to Lixin Road, and north to Qinshui Road. The north side is planned for residential land, and the south side is for secondary school land. Plot A of War Readiness Building, with a sold land area of 21194.3 square meters; Land use: residence and commercial service; Floor area ratio: 1.0-2.6; The transaction price is 1.22 billion yuan. Plot B of the combat readiness building, with a transferred land area of 18065.6 square meters, land use: residential and commercial clothing; Floor area ratio 1.0-2.9; The transaction price is 1.16 billion yuan.


Nice to meet you, Nankai

The livable place of the university has a new trend.

The whole plot is located in the northwest area of Nankai District, close to the Miyun Road Expressway, and is only separated from the Yellow River Road, the first batch of key urban renewal projects in Tianjin recently launched in Nankai District-"Xiyingmen Urban Renewal Project.The location environment is livable and suitable for business and supporting facilities. It is close to Xiyuehui commercial complex. According to incomplete statistics, there are 12 convenience stores and 53 shopping malls and supermarkets in the surrounding area. The commercial supporting resources for convenient service are relatively sufficient. Educational resources: there are 2 kindergartens, 2 primary schools and 1 middle school around. In addition, there is a third-class hospital (Huanghe Road Hospital) built around. The project is surrounded by Changhong Park, Green Water Park and Shuixi Park, providing residents with diversified fitness, leisure and entertainment venues. It is close to Xianyang Road Station along the expressway and Metro Line 2, close to the urban trunk road, and only 4.5 kilometers away from Tianjin West Railway Station. The transportation is developed and convenient.



Double Centennial School

Zhongying Primary School/Nankai Middle School has been consistent for nine years.


The combat readiness building plot project has abundant educational resources, and Nankai District has made new moves to achieve high-quality and balanced development of regional education. In September 2022, Tianjin Nankai District Education Bureau and Nankai Middle School held a signing ceremony for cooperation in running schools. It is planned to spend two years on the D plot of the Yellow River Road War Readiness Building and the original Fenshuidao Primary School (planned as Zhongying Primary School). The district government will coordinate the construction of two nine-year public schools. The new school will implement the group management mode of "overall management of group schools, relative independence of member schools and sharing of educational resources". It will cooperate with Nankai middle school in school management and teacher training, give full play to the radiation and driving role of high-quality resources, comprehensively improve the education quality and school running level of Nankai District, and constantly improve the people's sense of gain, happiness and security.

In terms of primary schools, Zhongying Primary School, a famous historical school in Nankai District, is the first to join hands with Zhongying Ruili Primary School in Nankai District and Fenshuidao Primary School in Nankai District to form an education group. In the future, the three schools will make efforts in joint teaching and research, demonstration of the work experience of head teachers, development of special activities on students' themes, and joint monitoring of learning conditions. Leading schools will drive the group's member schools to jointly improve the quality of education, explore effective ways to run schools in Nankai District, promote the balanced development of education in Nankai District, and provide education satisfactory to the people. In the next three years, it will become the educational highland of Nankai District and even Tianjin, and the preferred educational development area for the masses.


Zhongying Primary School in Nankai District, Tianjin, was built in 1905 and completed on March 5, 1906. It is the earliest government-run primary school in Tianjin and a school with a long history and cultural tradition of 116 years. Tianjin Nankai Middle School is a key middle school directly under the Tianjin Education Commission. On October 17, 1904, it was founded by the famous patriotic educators Yan Fansun and Zhang Boling. It is the birthplace of Nankai series of schools (currently one university and three middle schools).

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Pengfei Group Escorts Happy Life


Pengfei Group is a set of raw coal mining, clean coal washing, coke smelting, modern coal chemical industry, hydrogen energy industry layout, renewable energy utilization, 5G intelligent application and integration of public and railway connectivity, cultural and tourism hotels, real estate and other integrated digital intelligence, recycling, green as the background of the whole industry chain of China's top 500 enterprises. The group business started in 1993 and now has 20000 employees, 95 billion assets and a nationwide business. It is a green and low-carbon technology enterprise with leading advantages in the implementation of carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.


From 2019 to 2022, it was selected as one of China's top 500 private enterprises and China's top 500 manufacturing private enterprises for four consecutive years. In 2021, Pengfei Group entered the list of China's top 500 enterprises for the first time, ranking 354, and is the only private enterprise selected in Shanxi Province. In 2022, Pengfei Group once again ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, rising to 264. In the "2022 China's top 500 private enterprises" list and "2022 China's top 500 manufacturing private enterprises" list ranked 96 and 53 respectively.

In December 2022, Pengfei Group and Nankai District Government carried out project cooperation and exchanges, and held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The advantages of science and technology, education, location and talents in Nankai District can complement Pengfei Group. In the future, Pengfei Group will empower each other with Nankai District, coordinate development, and jointly build comparative advantages for high-quality development.

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