"Hydrogen" opens the future | Pengfei "Hydrogen Pack" ignites news hotspots



The interaction of "coal" and "hydrogen" opens a new future for the development of hydrogen energy industry clusters. With Pengfei's first batch of 100 hydrogen heavy trucks officially put into demonstration operation on November 22, the first-line mainstream media such as People's Network, Xinhua News Agency, China Energy News, Phoenix Network Shanxi Channel, as well as provincial and municipal news units at all levels, competed to focus their news on Pengfei, aimed at new hydrogen energy industries, new formats and new models, and displayed and reported Pengfei's "big article" on hydrogen energy from different perspectives, different depths and different platforms "!


Seizing the strategic opportunity of hydrogen energy development, Pengfei hydrogen energy has become an "important business card" for the green development of Xiaoyi, Luliang and even Shanxi ".


People's Daily Online

People's Daily Online mentioned that Luliang City, as a major coal city and a major energy province, is a microcosm of Shanxi's energy revolution. Hydrogen energy, as a secondary energy with rich sources, green and low carbon, and widely used, is of great significance to the green and low-carbon transformation of energy and the realization of the "double carbon" goal. The report combed the schedule of Pengfei's hydrogen energy success report-the successful production of qualified hydrogen from the hydrogen production plant; When Beiyao Hydrogenation Comprehensive Energy Station was put into use, the first hydrogen energy heavy truck successfully completed hydrogen filling here. It is pointed out that hydrogen energy is an important part of the future national energy system. In addition to hydrogen production from industrial by-products, hydrogen production from renewable energy is also a feasible choice for China's energy transformation and development in the future.


Phoenix Net Shanxi

Phoenix net Shanxi point of view clearly pointed out that hydrogen energy is recognized as the cleanest emerging energy in the world. Pengfei's development of hydrogen energy industry is not only in line with the central "double carbon" strategy, in line with the "two transformations" strategy of Shanxi provincial party Committee, but also in line with the actual industrial transformation and upgrading of Luliang city in the future. The report introduces the official start of Pengfei's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, reactor and system manufacturing projects. The world's first 250kW hydrogen fuel cell power system (single stack) product was released in Pengfei Group, etc., intuitively showing "Pengfei Speed", "Pengfei Power" and "Pengfei Road".


China Energy News

China Energy News believes that Pengfei Group has taken another solid step in the application of hydrogen energy in multiple scenarios, marking that Xiaoyi City's heavy truck transportation has entered the "hydrogen" stage. It is a vivid practice for Luliang and Xiaoyi to speed up the new road of transformation and development. It is also Pengfei Group's concrete action to build the integrated development of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain as the "chain owner" enterprise of the hydrogen energy industry chain, it will certainly play a positive exemplary and leading role in promoting the accelerated transformation and green development of traditional advantageous industries in Luliang City and even the whole province, and inject green "new power" into the establishment of a hydrogen energy demonstration city in Luliang Xiaoyi ".


Pengfei's first batch of 100 hydrogen-energy heavy trucks are the first to be put into operation, which is of great significance to the construction of a new green cycle model for industrial transportation, the promotion of the construction of the city's "hydrogen-energy demonstration city", the promotion of the large-scale application of hydrogen-energy vehicles and the realization of "carbon peak, carbon neutrality. With the hot effect brought by the report, the follow-up attention of more news media units will fully demonstrate Pengfei's courage to be the first and forge ahead in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation!