Shanxi Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. Won DCMM Robust Level (Party A Level 3) Certification


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On October 10, 2022, Shanxi Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is listed in the list of stable level (Party A) in the electronic joint [2022] No. 8 document of "Notice on Publishing Units Obtaining Data Management Capability Maturity Level Certificate.

Shanxi Pengfei Group is the country's first through the DCMM (Party A) three-level certification of coal energy enterprises.It marks a new level of digital intelligence construction of Pengfei Group.




DCMM is the data management capability maturity assessment model. It is a comprehensive framework of standard specifications, management methodology, evaluation model and other aspects, including 8 core competencies and 28 competency items, with the goal of providing a comprehensive organizational data capability assessment model to assess the organization's ability to manage and apply data. Through DCMM certification, we can accurately evaluate the development status of big data, train big data related professionals, standardize and guide the development of big data industry, and then promote the development of data industry as a whole.

Nowadays, digital transformation is developing rapidly in all walks of life. The era of big data based on data, traffic and knowledge has come. For an enterprise, to implement digital and big data strategy, data governance is more important. Data governance is the governance of data assets. Data governance forms the foundation of company-wide data management and enables the effective use of trusted data.


In accordance with the general idea of Pengfei Group's scientific decision-making system with refined operation management and digital intelligence, combined with the overall requirements of China's manufacturing 2025 and digital transformation, the specific implementation is as follows:


Pengfei Group studies the mature enterprise data standard system in the international and industry, and forms the data model foundation of Pengfei Group.

Improve work efficiency:Through master data governance, change the past communication methods, establish digital management methods, and improve work efficiency.

Expand management width:Construct a business model that shifts from a single business perspective to a full business.

Business traceability:Systematization of business processes enables complete traceability of processes between systems.

Increased automation:The artificial data into the system automation collection, calculation.

Strengthen management timeliness:Strengthen management timeliness, monthly inquiries into daily monitoring.

To achieve systematic management:The report fully describes the enterprise, from vague to clearly visible.

Improving Decision Making:Improve the way of empirical decision-making into quantitative decision-making and automatic decision-making.



In the future, Pengfei Group will improve its data management capabilities in all aspects, enhance its data-driven development capabilities, promote management innovation, and lead business development!