President Zheng Peng met with the leaders of the government of Shiyan, Hubei and signed a cooperation agreement between the two sides.


Pengfei, Shanxi

Following the visit of Wang Xiao, vice mayor of Shiyan municipal government, and his party to Pengfei on August 29, Hu Zhili, member of the Standing Committee of Shiyan municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, sun Zhenyi, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Dongfeng Huashen Automobile Co., Ltd., and other government and enterprise leaders visited Pengfei group again and held a forum, Zheng Peng, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and President of Shanxi Pengfei group, received it.




The leading group and his party visited Pengfei Coking Plant, Methanol Plant, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Control Center, 5G + Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform and other places. Subsequently, the three parties held a discussion and conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation of the Shiyan Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park construction project.



Hu Zhili, member of the Standing Committee of the Shiyan Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Hubei, said that the Shiyan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attaches great importance to the cooperation with Pengfei Group on the construction project of Shiyan Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, and is willing to go all out to support and promote the development of the project.



Hubei Shiyan Municipal Committee, Executive Vice Mayor Hu Zhili:

The feeling of coming and not coming is still very different. I think although the time from yesterday to today is not long, through exchanges and on-site observation and learning, we have further strengthened our Shiyan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and our Pengfei Group's confidence in comprehensive and in-depth cooperation. And determination. I think this kind of cooperation may take the current project as an entry point. In the future, under the guidance of common goals, I think it should be a long-term strategic cooperation relationship.

I think we should fully anticipate the difficulties and consider the problems more carefully, but we should not affect our firmness in this direction and goal. I think I am very confident that we will certainly serve Pengfei well.

During the exchange, Hu Zhili believed that the Shiyan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government are consistent with Pengfei Group's goals in the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. With the help of policies and markets, hydrogen energy heavy trucks will become the mainstream of hydrogen energy development in the future. We hope that the three parties will integrate their respective advantages and work together to create a new way for the cross-border integration of state-owned and private enterprises, automobile enterprises and coal chemical enterprises, automobiles and new energy.


Chairman Zheng Peng welcomed the leaders of Shiyan City and believed that Shiyan City has a certain scale of production and supporting systems for various vehicles and parts in the automobile industry, while Pengfei has unique advantages in the development of the hydrogen energy industry. Through this exchange, the three parties have a clearer understanding of future cooperation, hoping to help Shiyan City create a new growth point for industrial transformation and upgrading through multi-party integration. Promote the realization of the "double carbon" goal.



Shanxi Pengfei Group Party Secretary Chairman and President Zheng Peng:

If the heart can think of one piece, the strength can make one piece; if the strength can make one piece, now these problems are not problems, they are nothing more than a matter of time. Pengfei is confident to make this automobile industry in Shiyan and use it as Pengfei's new engine!

At the end of the meeting, Pengfei Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shiyan Economic Development Zone Management Committee, which also took new steps to jointly promote the construction of a green and low-carbon development demonstration zone in Shiyan City.