Offering a Cavity of Blood to Draw Public Welfare Life | Luliang Red Cross Blood Center Enters Pengfei Group


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Offer a cavity blood to draw public welfare life


As a noble act of selfless dedication and saving lives, unpaid blood donation has always been advocated and praised by the society. On the morning of September 22, the mobile blood donation vehicle of the blood station in the center of Luliang City drove into the headquarters of Pengfei Group. The majority of cadres and employees of the group also In the spirit of "loving" Pengfei, one after another gave their love.



At 8:00 a.m., the front of the headquarters building was crowded. In line with the requirements of epidemic prevention and the need to minimize the impact on work, more than 50 employees from Pengfei headquarters entered the blood collection vehicle in batches. Under the guidance of the staff, the relevant inspection was carried out one by one according to the procedures.


Blood pressure measurement

Blood test

blood type

Blood donation

Issuance of certificates

Distribution of souvenirs


Whether it is multiple blood donations or the first time, on the balance of public welfare, this is a heavy responsibility and love. But on the basis of love, we should also respect science.


Wu Lingzhi, head of Xiaoyi Blood Donation House, Luliang Central Blood Station


Preparation in advance:

1. Check blood donation preparation knowledge online to reduce tension.

2. Don't stay up late, pay attention to rest.

Eat breakfast before blood donation, but do not eat high-fat, high-protein foods.

4. The physical condition should be normal, no medicine (aspirin, etc.) and no fever.

After the note:

Because blood accounts for 8% of body weight, normal people donated 400 ml of blood, which will not affect life and work. Do not work at height on the day after blood donation, do not stay up late, drink more water appropriately, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

what people are suitable for what people do not fit:

1. Doctors will conduct physical examinations on healthy people, screen for diseases such as high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia, and ask if there is any discomfort in the body.

2, blood test unqualified people.


Voluntary blood donation not only contributes a love, but also is of great benefit to human health. Proper blood donation can stimulate hematopoietic function, accelerate the formation of blood cells, promote blood metabolism, reduce blood viscosity and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Moreover, according to the relevant national regulations, if the total amount of blood donated by an individual reaches 800 ml, then the individual will become a lifelong unpaid blood recipient, and his family will also enjoy the same amount of blood from the blood donor.





Voluntary blood donation gives an opportunity and platform to show personal love, which fully embodies the new relationship of mutual care, mutual love and mutual help between people. Voluntary blood donation has become the link of human love.

Tomorrow, the unpaid blood donation car will drive to the factories of Pengfei Group, where there are still hundreds of volunteers who will give a love and let us praise Pengfei's "love.