Pengfei Group Wuxiang Yonghong Coal Industry officially started construction today


Pengfei, Shanxi


Autumn in September, sweet osmanthus fragrance. On the morning of September 25, 2022, the commencement ceremony of Yonghong Coal Industry of Shanxi Pengfei Group was held ceremoniously.

He Siyu, Secretary of the Wuxiang County Party Committee, Wang Shuwen, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor, Chen Zhongxiao, Chairman of Dongzhuang Coal Industry Group, Zheng Peng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of Shanxi Pengfei Group, and leaders of relevant ministries and bureaus attended the event. Hongshui Town, Suyu Village and other townships, village committee representatives, construction party representatives and Pengfei Group employee representatives totaled more than 300 people to attend the ceremony. Cao Wangjian, chairman and general manager of Ma Junyu Coal Coke Co., Ltd. presided over the ceremony.






At the beginning of the ceremony, Kangbao, director of Wuxiang Yonghong Coal Mine, introduced the preparations for the construction of the project. Shanxi Yonghong Coal Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Hongshui Town in the east of Wuxiang County, with a mine size of 1.2 million tons. Construction officially started on September 25, 2022. After the project is completed, more than 800 people can be employed.

The red Wuxiang and the red hot land are exciting; your half bowl and my half bowl of family and country feelings and dedication still exist. "Last year is good, this year is good, and the future is more likely!" Chairman Zheng Peng said that the official start of construction of Yonghong Coal Industry was achieved with the strong sincerity and enthusiasm of Wuxiang County. In the process of preparation and processing, the Wuxiang County Party Committee and county government issued one hour of the business environment of the government official documents, "no trouble, demand" in Wuxiang, the most beautiful business environment, the most red revolutionary genes, complement each other. In this regard, on behalf of Pengfei Group, I would like to express my most sincere thanks to the Wuxiang county party committee, county government, ministries and bureaus, townships and villages involved. He said that Pengfei Group will use first-class speed, first-class equipment, and first-class construction team to build an advanced first-class mine to help Wuxiang's economic development as soon as possible. I believe that Pengfei's builders will use simple ideas to build Yonghong Coal Industry., To contribute to the national energy supply as soon as possible, to contribute to the people of Wuxiang!

At the ceremony, Wang Shuwen put forward three hopes: first, to improve the political position and strengthen the mission; second, to improve the service guarantee and create a high-quality environment; third, to speed up the progress of the project and pay close attention to the construction quality.

He said that Yonghong Coal Industry, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, is one of the major industrial projects in Wuxiang County. The start-up and construction of the project will definitely play a positive role in promoting the development of the coal industry in Wuxiang County. At the same time, the start-up and construction of Yonghong Coal Industry is also the cornerstone of sincere cooperation between Wuxiang County and Pengfei Group. We sincerely hope that Pengfei Group will continue to support Wuxiang, care for Wuxiang and benefit Wuxiang, continue to invest in Wuxiang, continue to make more contributions and make new achievements in consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation and comprehensively promoting the new journey of rural revitalization. I believe Wuxiang and Pengfei will definitely take off!

He Siyu, secretary of the Wuxiang County Party Committee, announced that the construction project of Yonghong Coal Industry was officially started!

The leaders of the rostrum pressed the starting ball together. The colored balls fluttered and the gongs and drums were noisy. In a warm, festive and solemn atmosphere, the opening ceremony of Yonghong Coal Industry of Shanxi Pengfei Group ended successfully.