[Looking for Xiaoyi Craftsman] Liu Xiangqing: Do not forget your initiative mind Builds Excellent Workshop





In the hands of craftsmen, the interpretation of professional beliefs, 12 technical reforms are only a safe, environmentally friendly, first-class workshop; Try to study each part and check their pulse surging with ears, only to suit the remedy to the case accurately. Today's "Looking for Xiaoyi Craftsman" lets us walk into Liu Xiangqing, the workshop director from Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd.

This is the purification workshop of pengfei industrial co., ltd. Liu xiangqing's day's work has begun. the purification workshop has 37 dynamic equipment and 69 static equipment. he knows every equipment and every part like the back of his hand. even if there is a headache and fever in any place, he will know what is wrong as soon as he looks at it.

Pengfei (Industrial) Co., Ltd. Purification Workshop Technician Jia Xiaolu:

In April this year, the compressor was a little abnormal at that time. At that time, many people checked it. No matter how to check it, they couldn't find out what the problem was. They knew there was a problem. As a result, after Director Liu came over, he listened quietly for a few minutes. He said that it was definitely not the problem here. It should be that the piston rod lock nut was loose. We didn't believe it at that time. We opened the back and looked at that, just this close, I really admire our director Liu, this technology is really powerful!

0.1mm, about the thickness of a piece of paper, is to open such a little gap, will bring a lot of trouble to production, it is this 0.1mm, highlighting Liu Xiangqing's superb skills.

The compressor will produce a lot of noise during operation. In order to accurately judge the crux and solve the problem in this noisy environment, Liu Xiangqing forced his memory over and over again, repeated again and again, and diligently pursued.

Liu Xiangqing, Director of Purification Workshop of Pengfei (Industry) Co., Ltd:

I am involved in the installation of all the equipment in our workshop, and I am very familiar with the sound of the parts of each machine, so if there is a problem during operation, I can immediately determine which part has the problem.

Liu Xiangqing has been working in the post of gas purification for more than 20 years. It is his insistence to be rigorous and meticulous.

Liu Xiangqing, Director of Purification Workshop of Pengfei (Industry) Co., Ltd:

When the workshop is still in the construction stage, through studying the drawings and combining with the national requirements for environmental protection, if the construction is carried out according to the drawings, it may bring a lot of troubles when driving, such as noise and emission problems. If the construction is not carried out according to the drawings, it will waste time to have to redesign. The key is that our construction period was very tight at that time.

In spite of this, Liu Xiangqing decided to use a knife on the design drawings, and the 12 technical reforms were carried out drastically at the same time, one step in place, avoiding secondary construction.

Zhang Ai, director of methanol co-production LNG heat source plant:

It is precisely because 12 renovations have been carried out in the construction project, through three checks and four determination and the improvement of the design, that the current normal production has been ensured. For example, the addition of 612 fine desulfurization waste heat boiler here optimizes the process. While optimizing the function, the production of steam is resumed by 1 to 2 tons an hour, 50 tons of steam a day, and a ton of steam is calculated at 100 yuan, the cost saved in one year is 1.8 million. 610, a gas-liquid separator is added. The addition of this gas-liquid separator ensures the safety of the system, avoids the phenomenon of liquid waiting for decarburization tools, and saves 20 tons of steam per hour. Therefore, the value created by this is very large. There are also two items, namely, fine desulfurization 610 and 612, which need a stream of gas in the vulcanization project, in this vulcanization process, a double line is added. The gas saved by the addition of the double line is 1.8 million. One side of the gas is calculated at 50 cents. The cost saved is 900000. Therefore, many transformations have ensured the normal production, safe, stable, continuous, efficient and stable operation.

It is Liu Xiangqing's requirement for himself to strive for perfection and create high-quality projects. Liu Xiangqing sticks to his original intention and practices the craftsman spirit in his heart all the way.

Liu Xiangqing, Director of Purification Workshop of Pengfei (Industry) Co., Ltd:

One of my most admired idols, he said, "When you treat a product as your own child, full of love and careful observation, you will inevitably get enlightenment on how to solve problems and how to improve the production rate".