Leaders of Shanxi Public Brand Construction Association Investigate in Pengfei


In order to speed up the construction of "Shanxi boutique" public brand and effectively enhance the competitiveness and influence of Shanxi brand, the provincial market supervision bureau recently issued the implementation plan for the construction of "Shanxi boutique" public brand, and formulated the guiding catalogue of "Shanxi boutique" public brand in conjunction with the brand Federation. Pengfei Group proactively declared "Shanxi boutique" products, further build Pengfei brand, Shanxi boutique, to help the province's high-quality transformation and development.


On September 15, Dong Yan, President of Shanxi Public Brand Construction Federation, and Guo Dekui, Vice President and Secretary-General, visited Pengfei Group for investigation. Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, received and accompanied Pengfei Coking Plant, methanol co-production LNG ammonia production base, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, Beiyao Hydrogenation Integrated Energy Island, 5G Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform, Digital Exhibition Hall, Smart Party Building Center and other places.



After listening to the introductions of Pengfei's various production bases by the commentators, the visiting leaders made detailed inquiries about Pengfei's production and operation, production capacity, product sales, core technology, etc. Chairman Zheng Peng gave detailed answers on Pengfei's coal coke industry layout, this year's favorable market situation, and the "safety" core of coal mine management.

At the centralized control center of Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, Dong Yan fully affirmed Pengfei's plan in advance, all-round layout of the hydrogen energy industry chain, and its commitment to the realization of the "double carbon" goal, and inquired about the relevant situation of hydrogen energy automobile manufacturing.


"Shanxi boutique" is the leading and breakthrough of quality improvement in our province. It is one of the effective ways to promote the high-quality development of our province in an all-round way to make the regional public brand better and stronger, effectively enhance the core competitiveness of Shanxi products, and realize the transformation from "Shanxi brand" to "Shanxi boutique. During the exchange, the two sides discussed the relevant work of the Federation and brand certification.

At the beginning of the year, Chairman Zheng Peng was invited to serve as the vice chairman of the Shanxi Public Brand Construction Association. As a member of the association, Pengfei Group has made a lot of efforts to promote the creation of "Shanxi Boutique", play a benchmarking demonstration and leading role this year. Dong Yan, President of Shanxi Public Brand Construction Association, and Zheng Peng, President of Shanxi Public Brand Construction Association, made exchange arrangements on relevant specific work, hoping that Pengfei would continue to make efforts in strengthening brand awareness and realizing the joint promotion and mutual promotion of regional public brands and enterprise private brands.