Reporters take you to see the forum (III): hydrogen win the future! Roundtable to explore new kinetic energy of carbon-neutral hydrogen economy


Pengfei, Shanxi

Round Table Dialogue

In the 2022 Hydrogen Energy Economic Development Forum held on September 3, the round table dialogue with the theme of "Carbon Neutrality, Hydrogen Economy, New Kinetic Energy" is the key link of the forum. Lu yuebing, chairman of the board of directors of faxiongkong (China), started from the current development of hydrogen energy in Shanxi, out of the early stage and towards scale, and urgently needed innovation and breakthrough. he asked the guests participating in the dialogue on "how to help Shanxi firmly develop hydrogen energy and make up for the current technical shortcomings". chairman Zheng Peng's wonderful exposition aroused strong resonance and warm applause from leaders, experts and media from all walks of life.



In the round table dialogue session, Chairman Zheng Peng and Sun Weishan, Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Zhang Tianfu, President of Shanxi Jinnan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Yi Peiyun, Chairman of Shanghai Hydrogen Chen, Hu Huali, General Manager of Hydrogen Energy China of Air Products Company, and Wu Li, Chairman of Rongwu International Investment Group, were seated on the stage to discuss and exchange hydrogen energy technology experience, we are full of expectation and confidence in the early realization of large-scale development of Shanxi hydrogen energy.



First round of questions

In the first round of questions, Lu yuebing asked the guests how to help Shanxi hydrogen energy go out of its early stage and scale.

Lu Yuebing: Hydrogen energy is a promising big industry, how to help Shanxi hydrogen energy out of the early stage, to scale?

Sun Weishan: Confident to help realize the development of Shanxi hydrogen energy to scale.

Zheng Peng: With the industrial advantages of Luliang and Xiaoyi, we will develop rich hydrogen into various fields to make life better and longer.

Zhang Tianfu: Hydrogen energy application in many aspects, to steel, heavy trucks, hydrogenation stations, recruitment of talent.

Yi Peiyun: There has been a breakthrough in technology. The speed is very fast. Shanxi will take the lead in completing it soon.

Hu Huali: Carbon neutral development is the world's environmental trend, and it is inevitable to move towards scale.

Wu Liping: Hydrogen energy has great prospects and great investment potential.


Second round of questions

Based on the current development of hydrogen energy in Shanxi, the absolute advantage of energy and the short board of technological innovation coexist. In the second round of questioning, Lu Yuebing asked the guests how to put scientific research technology and enterprise strengths into the development of hydrogen energy in Shanxi.

Lu Yuebing: Based on the current situation in Shanxi, how can hydrogen energy be established first and then broken?

Sun Weishan: Transformation of coal development, the use of coke oven gas is an advantage. However, the policy links are not detailed. There is no hydrogen energy standard to guide; Technological breakthrough is a problem, especially the solution of storage and transportation technology. To improve the understanding of hydrogen energy development; It is also necessary to popularize training and use common sense in advance.

Lu Yuebing: Pengfei Group's traditional energy transformation, courage and wisdom, coal coke transformation hydrogen energy, resource transformation technology manufacturing, how to go well?

Zheng Peng: Starting from low-carbon and zero-carbon emissions, coal has not changed. What has changed is the use of pollution (method) and low efficiency. We reduce pollution, clean coke oven gas green application, so hydrogen production. Then found a larger industry, hydrogen win the future, is the world's most advantageous industry. Our short board is technology. We invited Academician Lin and Dr. Huang to make up for the short board, advanced scientific and technological equipment, and exchanged resource advantages for technological advantages to make up for the short board. Great results have been achieved in less than a year. Yesterday, the world's first 250 kW fuel cell platform-level single stack system was released in Pengfei, which is the result of a strong alliance. Enterprises suffer from the lack of science and technology (equipment), so they introduce talents into Luliang and Xiaoyi, establish a global competitive hydrogen energy industry, and are determined to contribute to human society.

Lu Yuebing: How to use the advantages of reactor research and development to make up for Shanxi's technical shortcomings?

Yi Peiyun: The research and development of electric reactors can be described in three words: large, small, and low. The power is getting bigger and bigger, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and the cost is getting lower and lower. Only in this way can the commercialization be accelerated and the price of hydrogen be reduced. Shanxi needs to quickly break away from cost constraints through technological industry innovation.

Lu Yuebing: What is the global low-carbon layout?

Hu Huali: Three strategies, low carbon, new energy, carbon capture. Hydrogen energy, low hydrocarbon, zero hydrocarbon projects, storage and transportation plus research and development to provide solutions. The reduction in the cost of hydrogen lies in the introduction of hydrogen transportation technology into China, which reduces transportation costs, while upgrading the commercial technology of liquid hydrogen transportation and liquid hydrogen hydrogenation stations.

Lu Yuebing: What are the prospects for hydrogen energy investment?

Wu Liping: from the capital to look at hydrogen energy, around the industry to set up industrial funds to the government, the industrial chain to empower enterprises, industrial capitalization, so that the industrial chain longer, feel the prospect of a longer-term, the combination of capital and industry.


As Shanxi's first enterprise to realize hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation, construction of hydrogen industrial chain and application expansion planning of electric reactors and heavy trucks, Chairman Zheng Peng's words such as "hydrogen cost 8 yuan/kg", "layout of hydrogen refueling stations in Luliang", "manufacturing of hydrogen energy heavy trucks" and "250 kW hydrogen fuel cell system" have once become hot topics. During the exchange and dialogue, several guests mentioned Pengfei Group many times, deeply admired Pengfei's courage and wisdom to become a leading enterprise in Shanxi through traditional transformation, and strengthened their confidence in the development path of hydrogen energy.

Lu Yuebing: Hydrogen energy has advantages in China and Shanxi. First, the policy advantages of hydrogen production, the government's enthusiasm for developing new industries and the ability to innovate are both characteristics and advantages; second, whether it is coal chemical industry or hydrogen, it is rich in resources; third, there are many application scenarios, such as steel, petrochemical industry, port logistics, etc.; four trucks, buses and commercial vehicles are used most in China. Under several advantages, hydrogen energy is China's leading industry in the world, such as solar energy and wind energy. Jointly contribute to energy transformation, industrial transformation and human development.