Reporters show you the (I) of the forum: hydrogen energy forum is full of friends and hydrogen energy economy attracts attention from all parties.


Pengfei, Shanxi

Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum 2022

The high-profile 2022 Taiyuan Energy low-carbon Development Forum was held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province from September 1 to 3. This forum can be called a high standard. Han Zheng, member of the standing Committee of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, attended the opening ceremony by video and delivered a keynote speech. As an important window to observe my country's low-carbon energy development, the new technologies, new industries, and new occupations displayed by the Taiyuan Forum are refreshing. The field of low-carbon development is full of vitality and strong momentum. As one of the thirteen sub-forums of this forum, the Hydrogen Energy Economic Development Forum has attracted much attention. This forum hosted by Pengfei Group, it has attracted wide attention from the United Nations to China's top experts and scholars, and then to provincial and municipal leaders.




The theme of this sub-forum is green low carbon, hydrogen win the future. Sponsored by the International Renewable Energy Agency, China Hydrogen Energy Alliance, Shanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Luliang Municipal People's Government, Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and Pengfei Group. Reporters around the venue saw that all kinds of publicity boards and materials were available and the organization of the meeting was smooth. At around 8:30 in the morning, Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, accompanied Zhang Fuming, Vice Governor of Shanxi Province; Han Wei, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of China Hydrogen Energy Alliance; Wu Hongwen, Party Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology; Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shanghai Lin Zhongqin, President of Jiaotong University, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and other relevant leading scholars entered the exhibition corridor together to listen to the explanation and take a group photo.



This forum can be described as star-studded. According to the conference process, the forum consists of four sections, namely, guest speeches, speech reports, round tables and report releases.

Chairman Zheng Peng participated in the middle two parts of the event. At that time, more than 20 guests from all over the world will appear on the stage through video or live, explaining the future of Shanxi's hydrogen energy economy and drawing a blueprint for the development of the hydrogen energy industry under the background of double carbon. As a kind of secondary energy with rich sources, green, low-carbon and wide application, hydrogen energy is gradually becoming one of the important carriers of global energy transformation and development. Therefore, this forum has also received strong attention from all guests.







In addition to the guests, the media also paid special attention to the forum activities. More than 40 journalists from more than 20 media from the central to the local, from domestic to overseas, attended the forum. When asked why they were particularly interested in the forum, they told reporters

tencent cloud energy division:

New energy is also a good development direction. Tencent currently has a new layout in new energy, and we have also released many good products. I am more optimistic about Shanxi's development of hydrogen energy economy, because Shanxi is a major energy province, and coal chemical industry is a large generation channel for hydrogen energy, mainly (paying attention to) coal chemical industry. I hope there will be cooperation in the connection of dual-carbon digital energy and comprehensive energy management in the future.

shanxi delya environmental protection science and technology company:

The company mainly does environmental protection consulting and environmental protection projects, because Shanxi is a large coal-producing province, and coal-to-hydrogen is a big (development) direction. We pay more attention to this.

It is understood that the forum lasted for three hours. In the closing part, the "Research Report on the Development Strategy of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Petrochemical and Chemical Industry" jointly issued by China Hydrogen Energy Alliance and Luliang Municipal Government was also released. On the afternoon of September 3, relevant guests and media reporters also went to Xiaoyi Pengfei Group to visit Pengfei Group's Pengwan Hydrogen Port, Beiyao Hydrogenation Energy Island, Pengfei Group's 5G Central Dispatching Intelligence Management Platform and other places, and in the field to do field research and inspection.