Xiaoyi City Federation of Trade Unions organized trade unions and enterprise representatives from surrounding counties and cities to visit Pengfei Group for study.


Pengfei, Shanxi

As a provincial-level production reform demonstration enterprise, Pengfei Group has always focused on the key tasks of industrial workers' ideological guidance, quality improvement, status improvement, and team growth, and effectively played the main role of the enterprise in promoting reform, so that all cadres and employees can understand "Production reform", participate in "production reform", and support "production reform".



On the morning of August 30, representatives of Fenyang Federation of trade unions, Jiaocheng County Federation of trade unions and various enterprises, Xiaoyi Federation of trade unions and Xiaoyi industry reform pilot enterprises came to visit and study the achievements of Pengfei Group's current industrial worker team construction and reform.



Zhang Nengcai and his entourage visited Pengfei Group's Party-Mass Service Center, Party Member Training Room, Legal Consultation Room, Trade Union Staff Activities, Book Corner and other places successively. They also watched the group's trade union propaganda film on the 5G + Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform, listened to the main construction contents of the group's intelligent mass safety workstation, learned about the progress of the reform of the group's industrial workers, and had on-site exchanges.







At Pengfei Coking Plant, Zhang Nengcai and his entourage visited the innovation base of the scientific research building, Suoshengfu Staff Innovation Studio, Staff Bookstore, Pengfei University, Doctor Workstation, Mummy Cabin and other trade union service positions. Each commentator made a concentrated display in combination with the original intention, development status and phased achievements of their respective positions. During the visit, the representatives of the enterprise carefully read the relevant materials and frequently stopped to take photos. Zhang Nengcai and his party also highly recognized the current production reform achievements of Pengfei Group.










Deepen production, education and research, and focus on development. Pengfei Group currently has more than 13000 industrial workers, accounting for 74% of the total number of employees of the group. They play a vital role in the development of the enterprise. The group is currently in a rapid transition period. The trade union will also vigorously promote the work of industrial reform, continuously stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of industrial workers, and let them help the group's high-quality transformation and leapfrog development as a master.