Pengfei Group and Hubei Shiyan Government Leaders to Communicate and Discuss


Pengfei, Shanxi

On August 29, Wang Xiao, Deputy Mayor of Shiyan Municipal Government, Hubei, Jin Qiang, Director of Shiyan Economic and Information Bureau, Sun Zhenyi, Chairman of Dongfeng Huashen Automobile Co., Ltd., and Huang Yushun, President of Chitian Automobile Co., Ltd., and his party came to Pengfei Group to visit and investigate and hold A symposium was received by Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group.



At the beginning of the meeting, Ma Xiaolong, assistant to the president of Pengfei Group, introduced the basic situation of Pengfei Group. Subsequently, Hou Shuyi, chairman of Dongfeng Special Automobile Shiyan (Bus) Co., Ltd., introduced the situation of Dongfeng Special Passenger Transport Camp and the current qualification problems faced by Dongfeng Special Passenger in the transformation.




Zhou Ling, a first-level investigator of the Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, said that Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone will fully cooperate. Jin Qiang, director of Shiyan Economic and Information Bureau, said that the cooperation between Pengfei Group and Shiyan City is a cross-border integration, a cross-border integration of state-owned and private enterprises, automobile enterprises and coal chemical enterprises, automobiles and new energy. The cooperation between Shiyan and Pengfei will play an exemplary role in new energy application scenarios.




Sun Zhenyi, chairman of Dongfeng Huashen Automobile Co., Ltd., combined with his own experience, put forward relevant opinions on the strategic planning of Pengfei Group's future automotive products.



Chairman Zheng Peng once again welcomed the visit of Shiyan city leaders, saying that Shiyan city, as an automobile industry city, has a strong industrial foundation. This cooperation will make use of Pengfei group's advantages in stack and battery system to make up for Shiyan's short board in automobile manufacturing technology innovation, and help Shiyan's automobile industry innovation and development.



At the end of the meeting, Wang Xiao, vice mayor of Shiyan Municipal Government, made a concluding speech, saying that Shiyan Municipal Government will cooperate fully with Dongfeng Huashen to provide Pengfei Group with advantages in the industrial chain.



Before the meeting, Wang Xiao and his entourage also visited Pengfei Coking Plant, Methanol Plant, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Control Center, Beiyao Hydrogenation Energy Island, 5G + Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform and other places.