China's first! Pengfei Group Dongfeng Special Passenger's First 50 New Energy Logistics Vehicles Exported to the United States


Pengfei, Shanxi

China's first to go to customs to export to the United States

On August 22, Pengfei Group Dongfeng Special Automobile (Shiyan) Bus Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony for the batch delivery of LS400 models and the release of new generation products of Hengyuan Electric Group in Longmen Industrial Park, Shiyan Economic Development Zone. Official delivery of 50 new energy LS400 commercial vehicles,It fired Pengfei's first shot to enter the overseas market of new energy vehicles.

It is understood that the later 250 orders will be delivered for export to the United States,This is China's first electric commercial vehicle to enter the US market..


LS400 model new energy commercial vehicleIntelligent, electric and humanized product design is adopted, and the long-head body required by the safety structure of the US market is selected. It is mainly used in short-and medium-distance logistics, express transportation and urban distribution in the United States. The whole vehicle has 81 degrees of electricity and a endurance of 220 kilometers, which is very suitable for the endurance requirements of local users and the refit vehicle market in the United States.

Mao Ruiping, General Manager of Dongfeng Special Automobile (Shiyan) Bus Co., Ltd. of Pengfei Group

Mao Ruiping introduced that the U.S. regulations are very strict, and the requirements for parts and the performance of the entire vehicle are very strict. They and the U.S. technical experts have jointly carried out multiple rounds of modifications and improvements, and finally reached the U.S. The requirements of the regulations. At present, no other enterprise in China can compare this series of products with them.

Regarding the export of Chinese electric commercial vehicles to the United States, Mao Ruiping said: "On the one hand, we have improved the technical and quality indicators of our products, and at the same time trained our technical team, laying a better technology and product foundation for our subsequent transformation of new energy vehicles. On the other hand, according to the market feedback provided by our American partners, this product will have a relatively large market demand in the United States in the next few years, u.S. auto companies do not have similar new energy auto products, and only ours in China has met the requirements of U.S. regulations. In this way, we will have a greater opportunity to pass the U.S. market on this product, and have a relatively large sales volume every year. The realization of to improve our business quality."

The development of global new energy vehicles has entered the fast lane, and the new energy of vehicles has become the consensus of countries and enterprises around the world. In the next step, Dongfeng Special will continue to develop a broader overseas market with the help of the strong advantages of the production base of the Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park.