Pengfei Group Held Special Meeting on Application of Pengwan Hydrogen Port Intelligent Factory


On the morning of August 16, Pengfei Group held a special meeting on the application of Pengwan Hydrogen Port Intelligent Factory. Zhao Lujun, President of Zhejiang Central Control Group Consulting Solution Center, Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, and relevant persons in charge of both parties attended.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhao Lujun made a report entitled "Pengfei Group's New Paradigm for High-quality Development-Intelligent Change to Number" on the application solution of Pengwan Hydrogen Port Intelligent Factory, which was introduced in detail from three aspects: future trend analysis, development planning blueprint and application selection process.

Zhao Lujun: "first of all, our principle is that the old factory should support the new factory. The problems we have now are reflected in the old factory. When we are in the new factory, we must support it with a new management model, new business process and new technology platform, so that we can stop committing crimes in the new factory. The second dimension is to use the new factory to drive the old factory. We have built a lot of platforms and systems in the new factory. The well-applied ones should be backfilled to the old factory. The system of the old factory should be upgraded and upgraded. We should optimize the allocation of resources in the overall scope. Our mines, logistics and production capacity, including our various service groups, should provide shared service platforms, realize the optimal allocation of resources at the group level."


Subsequently, the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of Pengfei Group made additional speeches on the contents of the report.

Liu Feng, Minister of Digital Intelligence Center: "In the next stage, the Digital Intelligence Center will cooperate closely with our coking system and SUPCON Group. The key is for SUPCON to make a close cooperation. Based on our lighthouse factory and intelligent manufacturing benchmark, the highest requirements here, we should do a good job in consulting and planning, and finish the whole plan for the second phase of our entire Pengwan Hydrogen Port, the second phase of construction covers the informatization, automation, and intelligent construction plan, and do a good job in the planning and construction of this area."

Li Gang, Minister of External Liaison Department: "I mainly want to say or for the success rate of the project declaration point of view, the first is to strictly in accordance with a condition of the lighthouse factory declaration, to provide a practical transformation program, this program must be later in the operation process also has a practical help to the development of the enterprise. On this basis, through our communication or coordination, reduce some unnecessary investment."

After listening to the report, Chairman Zheng Peng made a concluding speech and put forward three suggestions. He hoped that the experts and leaders of SUPCON Group could carry out professional guidance and construction according to Pengfei's actual needs, so as to help Pengfei become a lighthouse enterprise in the modern coal coke chemical industry chain as soon as possible.

Chairman Zheng Peng: "I think you have come up with a plan around these three issues. The first one is honor. What preferential policies do we have? For example, we won this honor through Zhejiang Central Control. The first honor is Our factory got it, and the second one is that Zhejiang Central Control also got it because of the good software of Zhejiang Central Control. This is a win-win honor for us. The second question is about safety, preventable and controllable, how to actually get it, how much money needs to be invested, and how long it will take to transform on the existing basis. The third problem is the continuous reduction of costs. By increasing the intelligent standards of facilities and equipment, how much will the existing number of people be reduced.

I think our meeting today is to reach a consensus. The goal is this. The direction is clear, the time is fixed, the people are fixed, the safety is preventable and controllable, the cost is continuously reduced, the world lighthouse enterprises are illuminating above our heads, and there is another declaration opportunity in September, so we can finish it in September."

At the end of the meeting, Zhao Lujun, president of the Consulting Solution Center of Zhejiang Central Control Group, also made a statement, saying that Central Control Group will go all out, result-oriented, improve the plan as soon as possible, and promote Pengfei Group to implement various tasks., Go to the forefront.