Pengfei Group and Shanxi University Exchange Forum


On the afternoon of August 16, Li Sixan, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shanxi University and professor of the Institute of Molecular Science, and his entourage walked into Pengfei Group to visit and investigate, and conducted preliminary discussions on the scientific and technological points of the two parties, the transformation of achievements, and the follow-up school-enterprise cooperation.

Zhang Zhilong, deputy general manager of Pengfei Group Coking, Chang Cheng, deputy general manager of Coking Chemical Industry, and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting. Li Sidian, former deputy secretary of the party committee of Shanxi University and professor of the Institute of Molecular Science, and Zhao Yongxiang, former dean and professor of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Shanxi University, attended the discussion.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Zhilong gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of Pengfei Group's main business sectors, systems and coal mines.




The experts made special reports on the topics of "development and application of green hydrogen energy technology based on advanced catalytic system", "core technology of high temperature fuel cell", "biodegradable plastics", "coking auxiliary plant and waste to produce active energy", and displayed the current scientific research achievements of Shanxi University in hydrogen energy project and technology.

In the subsequent discussion, the relevant persons in charge of Pengfei Group expressed their views on hydrogenation research and development, ultra-low emissions, activated carbon, graphene and other technologies in turn.


During the exchange, the two sides also discussed personnel training, teachers, scientific research achievements, deepening school enterprise cooperation and supply and demand docking. Chen Xili, deputy director of the Technology Development and Industry Management Office of Shanxi University, said that Pengfei Group is an enterprise with ideas and ideas in the development of the hydrogen energy industry chain. Shanxi University also urgently hopes that the new position of achievement transformation can be landed in Pengfei Group.


On behalf of Pengfei Group, Zhang Zhilong expressed his gratitude to Li Sdian and his party for their technical guidance. Zhang Zhilong hopes that the two sides will take this opportunity to give full play to their respective advantages, further strengthen the docking, strive for the subsequent establishment of industry university research cooperation, realize the organic connection of education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain, promote the integration of resources and technology, and promote mutual benefit and win-win results.

Zhang Zhilong, Deputy General Manager of Coking of Pengfei Group: "Today, teachers, experts and professors have brought us this high-end and practical technical exchange. From the graphene technology mentioned just now, including the treatment of flue gas VOC, to hydrogen fuel cells and many other things, our group is pushing or will push soon, or has already done so many technologies, in particular, this high-end technology of high-end chemical industry, hydrogen energy, hydrogen fuel cell and graphene is really helpful to us. We also feel that the research of graphene in particular is very feasible and cost-effective."




Before the symposium, Li Sidian and his entourage also inspected the hydrogen energy central control room, Beiyao Comprehensive Energy Island, and 5G Central Dispatching and Command Center.