Solidly promote the construction and reform of industrial workers | Group to create talent "refueling" station (II)


Pengfei, Shanxi

learning every day learning lifelong learning

"A year's plan is no more like a tree valley; A ten-year plan is no more like a tree; A lifelong plan is no more like a tree man." In order to further strengthen the reform of the construction of the industrial worker team, achieve the long-term goal of "strengthening the country with talents", cultivate, introduce, and make good use of talents in an all-round way, the group builds a talent "gas station", is a good talent "guide", and does a good job in talent cultivation wholeheartedly jobs.



Xiaoyi Library Pengfei Branch

Xiaoyi Library has set up a Pengfei branch in Pengfei, set up book corners near restaurants in various factories, and set up Pengfei Branch of Xiaoyi Book Association. The library has a large collection of books and a wide variety of books, which can meet the borrowing needs of readers from all walks of life. Provides a good reading atmosphere, the environment is quiet, the temperature is suitable, the learning atmosphere is very good.



Skill certificate, education subsidy

The group has a skill certificate subsidy, which gives awards to employees who seriously pass the professional qualification certificate, and pays more and more attention to cultivating the professional quality of employees and improving the educational level and operational skills of employees. it not only creates a good learning atmosphere within the group, but also helps to promote the construction of the talent system of the group enterprise. For employees, this is also to adapt to the needs of a learning society, which is conducive to their long-term development. Ultimately achieve a win-win enterprise and employees.

Employees also enjoy a monthly education subsidy, which provides opportunities for salary increase and promotion, and subtly encourages employees to maintain an upward attitude.




"Kunpeng Plan"

In order to further improve the overall quality of the group company's personnel, analyze the composition of talents, improve and study the training needs of various talents. According to the actual situation, the company will organize the promotion of academic qualifications from time to time every year, including junior college, correspondence, Secondary specialized school, etc., and follow up the acquisition of various qualification certificates.

Since the launch of the "Kunpeng Plan" quality improvement series of activities specially formulated by the Group Company in 2021, a total of 1363 applicants have applied, of whom 835 have been successfully admitted. In terms of skill improvement, 560 intermediate electrician (Level 4) certificates have been obtained.

Working in Pengfei can be described as "entering the school as soon as you enter the enterprise". In addition to the "Kunpeng Plan", the "Xuan Xing" online learning platform is also very good. Up to now, the organizational structure of the training platform has been updated synchronously. After the platform is launched, the coverage rate has reached 70%, with a total of 6100 people. A monthly thematic learning plan is arranged with a total of 6500 participants.



Pengfei University

Faced with the strong training needs of enterprises and industrial value chains, Pengfei University came into being and put its own system capacity building on the top agenda. The teacher system design, curriculum system design, office space design, the group's core business philosophy-"dream to encourage struggle, hard work to achieve great achievements" as the driving force, to create the group's most comprehensive talent echelon system.




The group company pays attention to creating a "gas station" for talents, and strives to build a good situation in which everyone is eager to become a talent, everyone strives to become a talent, everyone can become a talent, and everyone can display their talents. In the group, every employee is an indispensable "protagonist" and will be able to write a brilliant chapter!