Shanxi Pengfei and Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to Carry out Project Cooperation and Exchange Symposium


Pengfei, Shanxi

On August 10, Wang Celebrating, vice president of Xugong Machinery, general manager of the forklift Machinery Division and secretary of the Party Committee, the vanguard of China's construction machinery industry, led a team to Pengfei Group for a visit and investigation. He exchanged views with Chairman Zheng Peng on the project contents of hydrogen-powered loaders, unmanned loaders, intelligent operation and monitoring of loaders, and initially reached a cooperation intention.



Introduction of Xugong Group

Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a 100 billion-level leading enterprise in my country's construction machinery industry with a large scale, complete product varieties and series, extremely competitive, influential and national strategic position. It currently ranks first in the construction machinery industry in China. The third is a beautiful business card of China's equipment manufacturing industry. During the exchange, Wang celebrated the industry layout, technical advantages and talent advantages of XCMG in China and even in the world.




Wang Celebration said that Xugong's overall plate is strong, and each project and single item is very strong, which is one of the best. Xugong is not only strong as a whole, but also that each plate is actually in front of each plate. This is Xugong's characteristic.

First of all, Xugong Group can realize the health management of all vehicle drivers, vehicle stand-alone management, and fuel consumption motors, which can be displayed on APP and computers, and completely form real-time data collection, which can be called "loader online" or equipment health management.

Secondly, Xugong Group has mature technology to realize multi-device clusters, and can be tailored according to customer conditions to achieve low cost.

Finally, unmanned autonomous operation technology, now in open-pit mines, unmanned road equipment has been fully realized.



Chairman Zheng Peng introduced Pengfei Group's active exploration of the hydrogen energy industry, relying on its own advantages and regional advantages, committed to "carbon emission reduction" to achieve "carbon neutrality" development direction, that Pengfei and Xugong in the field of new energy development ideas are consistent. It expresses the demand of Pengfei Group in the intelligent transformation of loaders, and hopes that through cooperation with Xugong, the current situation of loader operation can be completely changed, and the unsafe management and irregular behavior of people in it can be eliminated.



Chairman Zheng Peng and Wang Celebration had a clear exchange on advanced technology, respective advantages and cooperation direction in the industry. Wang Celebration praised Chairman Zheng Peng for his foresight and hoped to combine Xu Gong's "dare to do" with Pengfei's "dare to break through". Both sides jointly studied and made efforts to push the cooperation project to land as soon as possible. At the same time, Wang celebrated and presented Chairman Zheng Peng with a carefully prepared loader model and calligraphy works written by experts.

After the meeting, Wang Celebration and his entourage also visited Pengfei Coking Plant, Methanol Plant, Hydrogen Energy Centralized Control Center and other places on the spot, and focused on going deep into the refined coal shed and coke shed of Pengfei Coking Plant to observe the operation process of loaders on the spot, which laid the foundation for the later cooperation in projects such as intelligent and unmanned loaders.