Research Group of Small and Medium-sized City Research Institute Enters Pengfei


Pengfei, Shanxi

On the morning of August 2, Niu Fengrui, president of the Institute of small and medium-sized cities and former director of the Institute of Urban Development and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, led a team into Pengfei Group to investigate and investigate the process equipment, development status and industrial chain extension of the Pengwan hydrogen Port hydrogen Energy Industrial Park project.

Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor Li Yongsheng, Deputy Mayor Xue Zhiqiang accompanied the investigation, and Chang Cheng, Deputy General Manager of Coking Chemical Industry of Shanxi Pengfei Group, warmly received.

The Small and Medium-sized City Development Research Institute, the full name of the Small and Medium-sized City Development Strategy Research Institute, is a national-level think tank research institution with great authority and influence in the field of urban development research in my country.


Niu Fengrui and his entourage visited Pengfei Coking Plant and Methanol Plant successively. In the hydrogen energy central control room, they listened to the overall plan of Pengfei Group's hydrogen energy industry, and learned in detail the technical application, development status and follow-up planning of the project, especially the advanced degree of process equipment and the extension of the hydrogenation technology industry chain.

During the investigation and investigation, the leaders of the research institute highly affirmed Pengfei Group's production, development, construction and operation of hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing industry, and said that they would give full play to the unique advantages of the new think tank and use the rich resource advantages of the research institute to provide more intellectual and industrial support for the upgrading of Xiaoyi traditional industries and the improvement of industrial efficiency, We will jointly promote the high-quality development of Xiaoyi county economy.