Party building set sail again to help enterprises to the future | Pengfei Group held a special lecture and exchange forum on party building work in private enterprises.


Pengfei, Shanxi

On the morning of July 28, Pengfei Group organized a special lecture on party building work in private enterprises. Guo Lunde, former director of the Economics and Enterprise Management Teaching and Research Office of the Central Institute of Socialism, director of the China Private Economic Research Association, and senior management trainer"Several Issues to Be Grasp in the Work of Party Building in Private Enterprises"Subject lectures.

Li Yanbin, director of the Investment Promotion Service Center of Modern Coal Chemical Industry, Guo Junwei, deputy director of the Party and Government Comprehensive Office of the Development Zone, and relevant persons in charge attended.

Zheng Peng, chairman and president of the board of directors of Shanxi Pengfei Group, attended the meeting with middle and high-level cadres, branch secretaries, party organization secretaries at all levels and party affairs workers of various regional companies, presided over by Lu Xiaofang, deputy general manager of administration.

Guo Lunde elaborated on the theme of "how to do a good job in party building in private enterprises" from four aspects: grasping the essence, finding the correct positioning, effective methods, and sound systems. He said that private enterprises must grasp the essence of party building work, earnestly understand national politics and policies, and deeply realize the importance of party building work to the high-quality development of enterprises. The two need each other and are highly consistent.

"Party building era", "culture", "interpreter", "spokesperson", "planter"In the lecture, there were frequent hot words for party building. Guo Lunde set his foot on the corporate culture of Pengfei Group. Through General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech on Shanghai's 2018 visit, Huawei, Jiangsu Longxin Construction and Zhejiang Zhengtai Group's party building experience, he explained the "four points" that need to grasp the key points, find the key points, choose the right combination points and grasp the foothold ".

Guo Lunde learned from Pengfei's party building experience and believed that he should grasp four points:Grasp the key pointsStrengthening the construction of working forces;Find the right focusstrengthening the building of the contingent of party members;Think of a good combinationStrengthen the construction of spiritual civilization based on enterprise culture;Grasp the footholdThe party building work is ultimately attributed to the development of enterprises. The first goal of the party building work to promote culture is to make every party member become the spokesperson and representative of corporate culture, and becomeDeclaration, propaganda team, planter.

Guo Lunde pointed out that the difficulties in party building work are at the grassroots level, and the highlights are also at the grassroots level. Culture is not posted on the wall, but should be implemented in our specific actions. enterprise to carry out the work of party buildingSeriously put an end to "two skins" and formalism,by the virtual realGrasp the difference in consistency, strive to enhance the consciousness of all employees to follow the concept of corporate culture, and turn party building into real productivity.

Party Building Special Exchange Symposium

At the special exchange forum on party building held in the afternoon, party organization secretaries and party affairs workers at all levels reported on the general situation of party building work in various regions, work experience, current work difficulties, and next work plans in turn. The participants also asked questions about the problems existing in the daily party building work.

Guo Lunde highly affirmed the achievements made by Pengfei Group in party building work, and gave a concentrated answer to the questions raised at the meeting, such as the management of mobile party members, the management of double retired party members, the low enthusiasm for participation in party building activities, and how to play a leading role in party building in combination with specific work. Pointing out that with regard to mobile party members and double-retired party members canImplement the system of "hierarchical management and grasp the bottom line"We can enhance everyone's enthusiasm to participate in activities by solving the problems of treatment, promotion and stage. At the same time, we have put forward a "consultation system" to encourage people engaged in party affairs to "consult" people engaged in business, so as to do a good job in party building for a long time.

Later, Lu Xiaofang expressed his gratitude to Guo Lunde for his teaching and guidance. At the same time, he hoped that the two sides could establish a regular communication mechanism in the future, communicate in a timely manner, discuss and answer questions, and help Pengfei Group to move forward steadily on the road of integrating party building with enterprise management and enterprise culture.

Before the symposium, Guo Lunde and his party also visited the 5G central dispatching and command management platform, the intelligent party building center and experienced the party spirit answering link on the spot.