Xiaoyi, academician and expert of "Kechuang China" Science and Technology Service Group, walks into Pengfei Group


Pengfei Group News Center

On June 29, the "Science and Technology China" Science and Technology Service Group Pengfei Group Technology Docking Exchange Conference was held, aiming to help the Group solve the "stuck neck" key core technology and promote Pengfei's high-quality development through precise docking.‍

The meeting was presided over by Liu Fapan, director of the Human Resources Bureau of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, Zhao Xiugai, vice chairman of Xiaoyi Association for Science and Technology, Han Yizhuo, researcher of the State key Laboratory of Coal conversion, Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Han Yujin, director of the distributed Energy Center of Shanxi Clean Energy Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhang Zhilong, deputy general manager of coking system of Pengfei Group, and heads of relevant technical departments attended the meeting.



"Science and Technology Innovation China" Service Group is one of the important brand activities of the China Association for Science and Technology to serve local economic and social development. Through the establishment of interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary and cross-border "science and technology service groups", we will build a bridge between enterprises and national societies, and introduce innovation elements and resources to the grass-roots level and enterprises. we will promote the accurate and effective docking of the supply of scientific and technological innovation with the needs of industrial development, and promote the deep integration of science, technology and economy.



The two sides exchanged views on the existing technical difficulties and problems in hydrogen energy storage and transportation technology, solid waste treatment, desulfurization by-products, energy saving and emission reduction of carbon emissions, and intelligent control of coke ovens.

As a key project of Pengfei Group, the hydrogen energy industry chooses 20 MPa hydrogen cylinders for gaseous storage and transportation. In this regard, Han Yizhuo suggested using carbon fiber 70 MPa cylinders to improve its safety in gas storage and transportation.




If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharper his tools, drive innovation, and need methods first. The expert team also introduced the existing independent innovation technology of the institute, which is convenient for the two sides to connect more accurately in the future. At the end of the meeting, Zhang Zhilong once again expressed his gratitude to the expert team for their arrival. He hoped that after the meeting, the close cooperation between the two teams could be strengthened, and through technological innovation, the transformation of science and technology into real productivity could be accelerated, the transfer of superior technology projects and the transformation of achievements could be promoted, so that science and technology could better serve the development of enterprises.

In addition, the expert group also held a symposium and report meeting of academicians and experts in Pengfei Group.