Provincial trade union leaders visited Pengfei Group to inspect and guide trade union work.




The picture shows a group of people checking trade union information.


On December 1, Wang Xingwang, Vice Chairman of the Shanxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Li Piwang, Minister of Labor Insurance, Wang Xuan, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Law and Industry, Wang Haisheng, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Luliang City Federation of Trade Unions, Zhang Yanliang, Minister of Economy and Technology, Xiaoyi City People's Congress Deputy Director, Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and others visited Pengfei Group to inspect and guide the work of Trade Unions. Guo Shixin, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and deputy secretary of the Party branch of Pengfei Group, and Lu Xiaofang, chairman of the Pengfei Trade Union Federation, received the reception.

Wang Xingwang and his entourage watched the "Pengfei Trade Union Promotional Film" in the multimedia exhibition hall, expressing their approval of the Pengfei Trade Union's measures to provide employees with VIP medical cards from the People's Hospital and other medical security measures, and then visited the Pengfei Trade Union activity positions and the Party building activity positions.

During the visit, Wang Xingwang paid special attention to the "five small" competitions. He looked through the contents and materials of the declared works of the "five primary" competition activities of our trade union, and affirmed the innovative measures of our trade union to combine the development of the "five primary" competition activities with the technical competition activities. Wang Xingwang pointed out that the "five primary" competition is not only a carrier to guide employees to integrate knowledge and practice, but also a means for enterprises to cultivate technical talents.

Wang Xingwang said that the work of the trade union should serve the employees with love, sincerity, care and patience, stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees to work actively and enterprising, and the passion for innovation and development, so as to truly realize the development of talents guided by the trade union and the promotion of enterprise innovation by talents.


The picture shows a group of people visiting the party building position.


In recent years, Pengfei trade union has been adhering to the concept of "organizing and safeguarding rights". In the continuous exploration of trade union work, Pengfei trade union has formed the working mode of "three bright, three to five one", and has stepped out of the characteristic road of "party and worker co construction and promoting enterprise development. Pengfei Trade Union is committed to doing practical things for employees in a down-to-earth manner, sincerely seeking the well-being of employees, giving full play to the advantages of trade union functions, and creating beautiful Pengfei, intelligent Pengfei, powerful Pengfei and harmonious Pengfei!