Those and dad's "exclusive memories"


Pengfei, Shanxi



The time I spent with my father.

He, warm and firm

Always leave the best to us.

Themselves less than expression

He always said he was doing well.

Just to keep you from worrying

He's always carrying the family weight.

However, he slowed down his pace and turned white.

a picture of a father an unforgettable memory

Take a look today.

Those "exclusive memories" of my father"




You are a tough tree is also a gentle sunshine




"Father's Love"

Huineng Coal Ventilation Team

Lu Jizhong and his father Lu Bin

"When I was a child, I used to sit on my father's shoulders. My father was the ladder for my son to climb to the sky, and my father was the cow for pulling the cart..." This song was sung by Cui Jinghao in the 1990 s. The "Father" was once sung in the streets and familiar with it. The simple lyrics sang how many people cried, sang the voice of the children of the world, and evoked many beautiful memories......

Father, born on December 7, 1953, graduated from junior high school at the age of 16, is catching up with the Cultural Revolution ten years of turmoil, forced to make a living, he learned carpentry. While farming, he also made furniture for the villagers to supplement their household expenses. He tied the knot with his mother in 1974. From 1985 to 2004, he was engaged in marketing work in Linfen City Composition Weekly. From 2005 to 2009, he worked in Sino-German joint venture Sigma Graphite Company.




On April 21, 1975, a baby boy was born. That was me. My father was ecstatic and said to everyone, "I have a son!!!" He used to ride a horse on my neck, tell me stories, take my young hands for a walk, fan me in midsummer and take a bath together, and the scenes are still vivid in my mind.

In 1988, I was admitted to Zhangzhuang Town Middle School. My father taught me that they missed the opportunity to learn because of historical reasons. My father is strict and often warns me to redouble my efforts to develop "morally, intellectually, physically, and aesthetically" in an all-round way. On the second day of the junior high school, my father sent me bedding and food, worried that my food was not good, and sent me dry food. Father is thrifty, but often give me pocket money. Later, I went to Senior high school, university, my father took the time to see me, every time I saw his father far back, I can not help but tears... Later, I graduated from university to work, my father said earnestly: "son, to unite colleagues, obey the leadership arrangements, to work, have a sense of responsibility."

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2015, my mother found cerebral infarction in Pingding County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, which later developed hemiplegia and even paralysis. The aggravation of the disease was ineffective and died on September 25, 2017. During the mother's illness, the father took good care of, without complaint. My mother's death was like a bolt from the blue, a big blow to my father, who became silent. My wife and I are relieved that my father wants to get over it. My mother is suffering from illness, which is also a relief. Encourage father to communicate with others, play poker, listen to opera and go out for a walk. My father finally picked himself up again.

Father's love is serious, strong, broad and profound, give me strong, self-reliance, self-improvement, self-confidence, tolerance. The father's reproach was to look forward to the success of his son and the success of his daughter. Father is the pillar of the family, is great, tall. Father's love is like a mountain, silent and deep.

This is my father: ordinary and strong, simple and sincere, kind and warm, thick and magnanimous. Poor parents in the world, so before it was too late, I sat down and had a good chat with my old father, accompanied him to dinner and washed his feet. Cherish the man who loves me most in this world! Father, son love you, your kindness I will never finish!!!

Father's Day is approaching, may the years stay, may all the fathers in the world be healthy, all the best, and prolong their lives!


Time flies I miss you so much



I miss my father."

Nakamura Coal Mechatronics Section

Wang Guoqing and his father Wang Benson

I have wanted to send my thoughts of my father to the pen for a long time, but I don't know where to start. after reading the solicitation order from the headquarters and getting encouragement, I decided to pick up the pen and open the thoughts that have been buried in the bottom of my heart for a long time.

After careful calculation, my father has been away from us for 26 years and 4 months, but whenever he mentions his father or sees an article about family affection, tears always flow down. My father's hard work in exchange for the ease of our brothers and sisters today, and he left us forever when he should have enjoyed the good fortune.

His father was born on September 12 of the lunar calendar in 1936. Although he had not read a book, he had a sacred feeling for education in that difficult and difficult era. He knew very well that only knowledge can change fate and get out of the mountains. In order to support the study of our brothers, he worked tirelessly without complaint. When my brother was at school, he was drawn to Qinshui Middle School because of his outstanding academic performance, but he hesitated when faced with the monthly living expenses of 2 yuan. You must know that under the reality that there was no way to earn money in the countryside in the late 1970 s, it was a big expense. Father said: "Go, study hard, even if you smash pots and sell iron, you will be provided." With the firm support of his father, his brother got out of the predicament only after he finished high school and entered the military academy. But I let my father go to great pains. I was 10 years younger than my brother. When I got the admission notice, my father was also older. Faced with the 2400 yuan tuition fee, I had a plan to give up. My father said: "No matter how hard it is, I have to read the book." On the road for our brothers to study, my father fulfilled his promise, and we were able to complete our studies smoothly.

As far as I can remember, my father was tired from getting up early and getting dark every day. When he was young, he drove a carriage to pull iron ore and slag. When he was older, he opened a small shop in the village. In order to earn more price difference for the same goods, he even transferred several stations to wait for horses to purchase goods. He tried every way to earn money. My father had been in the family's financial difficulties all his life, but when we could make money, he fell ill.

Not long ago, in a drawer upstairs in my hometown, I turned to an old book and opened it. It was the account book that my father kept when he opened a small shop in the village. It was densely written with the money owed by the villagers when they bought things. Tears couldn't help but flow down. It was this bill that recorded our tuition and miscellaneous fees, our textbook fees, and the large amount of expenses when I went to Secondary specialized school.

Today, our two brothers are also fathers. My brother's son works at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. My daughter is also a junior. My father in heaven will be very pleased to know this.

It's Father's Day again, full of thoughts can only flow with tears.........


Those who hid my love only later found out



Love like a stone.

Qinhe Yonghong Coal Mine

Yang Chenhui and his father Yang Jianbing

The stone is wrapped in cruel tenderness

-- inscription

It was Father's Day again. I couldn't help but remember Zhu Ziqing's "Back" that I learned many years ago. I had a lot of feelings. This reminds me of the sentence "Father's love is like a mountain, and mother's love is like water. I don't understand why people say this, but I know that I seldom feel my father's meticulous love for me and seldom feel touched.

The article "Back" is Zhu Ziqing's feelings for his father's love after the accident in his home. His grandmother died and his father was dismissed, which was undoubtedly a great blow to a young man who had just turned 20. In this case, the author looked at his father's staggering back and deeply realized his father's strong and deep love for himself. Think about it, one day a few decades ago, a laid-off father took some time out of his busy schedule to send his son to the station. Before leaving, he struggled to use his fat body to stand on the platform, and then climbed down to help his son buy oranges. The author, who did not know his father's love, looked at the old figure and left deep tears. The author shed tears for it. I was also moved by the deep affection of the father and son.

Looking back on the growth path I have taken, I feel the soft love of my mother like rain, while my father's love is cold and hard, hard to touch, like a stubborn boulder, which makes me close and far away.

When I was young, I was ill and had a high fever. I was lying in bed. I heard my mother's gentle and anxious call in my confusion. I was tugging on my mother's soft and warm hand, but I never knew how many sleepless nights my deep father had survived. The slightly sweet bitter medicine was also carefully soaked by my father. In order to cool me down, I took the trouble to change towels over and over again.

When you succeed because of your own efforts, your mother always praises you happily, while your father will stand behind you and pour cold water on you, reminding you to be sober and not too proud. In fact, you don't know, his heart is happier than you, but he never said it, can't express it, like a stone, smashing your heart full of joy.

He will only teach you something once. Maybe when he teaches you to ride a bicycle, he never helps you, never cares about the scars all over your body, just like a stone rubbing through your tender skin, which makes people afraid to approach. In fact, we are too ignorant. I was so ignorant that I ignored the love flashed in my father's eyes. After a long ideological struggle between letting go and protecting, in order to make you live well in the future, he chose to let go.

This is the love my father gave me. It is like a stone, cold and hard, without a trace of warmth. In fact, my eyes are too immature. I only see the skin of father's love like a stone, but I don't see a hot heart wrapped in the skin. It's really not easy to understand that stone.

There is a kind of stone-like love called father's love. He can't express it. When you are happy, he is happier than you. When you are sad, he is sadder than you. But he never shows it. He gently puts his love on the tip of his heart and wrapes it in a cold and hard shell so that you can't notice it......


Father's love is silent but hot like the sun



"Father's Love"

Jianqiang mixing station

Wang Caiqing and her father Wang Maorong

In my impression, my father is always unsmiling, with a straight face all day, urging me to do my homework and recite the text every day. In front of him, we sisters have been afraid to speak loudly. I'm afraid which sentence will make my father unhappy.

I remember this incident happened in the second grade of primary school. One evening, when school was about to finish, it was still sunny at the beginning. Suddenly, a purple light came all over the place. Just after the light, I saw a flash of electric light stretching among the clouds, like a hungry python. The python opened its mouth with a loud whistle. The rainstorm was falling crazily, and the bright lightning was shuttling through the air like a silver snake. I thought to myself: It's broken, it's raining so hard, how can I go home.

Just when I was at a loss, my father's figure came into my eyes. He shouted my name eagerly and settled my anxiety. Dad carried me with one hand and an umbrella in the other. The country road is potholed, there are many small puddles, and from time to time a lot of mud splashes on my father's trouser legs, but my father doesn't care, his eyes are fixed on the road, and one hand firmly holds me, for fear that I will fall.

Walking in front of a large canal, the rushing current roared and seemed to demonstrate to me. My father gently said to me, "Don't be afraid, my father is here." Dad groped cautiously, checking the road conditions and holding me tighter. Suddenly, with a bang, my father fell down, small stones pierced the skin on my father's leg, and bright red blood flowed out. I nestled in my father's ear, crying. Dad smiled and said, "It's okay, it's okay." At this point, my father got up and moved on. From beginning to end, I was on my father's back.

When I got home, I hurriedly took salt water to disinfect my father. Raised up, suddenly found that dad has some white hair on the temples. Tears moistened my eyes. In this silent time, I seemed to understand father's love.

Father's love is like a thousand-year-old wine, strong and pure; Father's love is like old vinegar, bitter and mellow; Father's love is like a folk song in his hometown, rough and full of affection......


With so many identities, only the father's daughter is best.



"Father's love is like a mountain of deep love and shallow words"

Qinhe Integrated Management Department

He Mingxin and her father He Yongxiang

Open the phone photo album, almost all of his son's photos ...... From the moment he appeared, every day is his heart, afraid of him crying and afraid of him not crying, afraid of him hungry and afraid of him eating too much, afraid of him learning to walk too late and afraid of him falling down and getting hurt, afraid of spoiling him and being unhappy, afraid of him growing up too soon ...... Can't help but think, for more than 30 years, my parents have not loved me so simply and carefully.

I want to take advantage of Father's Day to say something to my father, a thousand words, but I am speechless.

My father is the only child in the family. I am the only child. In the atmosphere of patriarchal in the countryside, I am spoiled by my father. He always tries his best to give me the best.

I remember when I was a child, I went to my relatives' house to walk on the mountain road. I always wanted to be lazy and let my father carry it. Whenever I let my father down, he would say, "Dad is not tired. I will carry you for a while." When I got home, I told everyone with mirth: "The girl is really good today. She has walked a long way."

After school, my father was always worried that I could not eat well, dress well, and be wronged at school. He would rather have a poor life than give me enough living expenses, which is always more than I want.

After work, I am far away from home and meet less. Every time I video and talk to my father, I can clearly feel his happiness and concern through my mobile phone. He will listen to every word I say with a smile and patiently, and occasionally cough. With a sound, he will repeatedly tell me to pay more attention to my body when I go out.

On the day of my marriage, my father walked silently not far from me with his usual kind smile on his face, sent me to the entrance of the village and watched me leave. Later, I heard my mother say that my father cried red eyes that day.

Since he had a child, his father has had another worry. He waits for me to send him a small video of his grandson every day. Sometimes he stops for a day or two, and he starts to think and worry about us.

Father is so plain and strong love me. Now, the years have added one after another vicissitudes and white hair to his sideburns, and he does not know when his back will no longer be upright, but he is still the pillar and safe haven of the family, paying silently, never complaining, and asking for nothing in return.

I began to understand the sentence in Wang Shuo's "I am your father": "when I was a child, I was afraid of them. When I was older, I began to annoy them. Later, I looked down on them. Later, I felt sad when I thought of them." Father's deep love is a debt that I can't repay no matter how hard I try in this life. Thank my father for working hard all his life and paying for me. Do everything to make me happy. Just ask time to go slowly, don't let father grow old.


You have always been my hero since childhood.




Qinhe Houcun Coal Mine

Gauke and his father, Gauting

Since I can remember, my father has been doing wood work and building houses with my grandfather. He has been working hard day after day and year after year. All year round, leisure time is at most rainy days and winter when construction cannot be carried out. Only during this period of time, he will ride his beloved 125 motorcycle to take my mother and me to grandma's house, to a place with mountains and rivers, and to take a small trip to fill the good time belonging to our family of three.

Yes, sometimes he also likes to change into rain boots and take good tools to "climb mountains" after the rain ". To tell you the truth, the quality of the wild fungus my father picked and the contractor who came to work with my father praised his skills: quite good!

At that time, my father was omnipotent and omnipotent. If there was any problem that could not be solved, he was right to find him. It was completely sunny, oxygen-rich, and a sense of security.

Until noon one day in 2007, when I was about to walk to the door of my junior high school, my father ran out in a hurry, his eyes were red, he leaned over and hugged me and said, "don't be afraid to go back, don't cry, your grandfather is gone." That was the first time I saw him shed tears... It was also the beginning of my changing mind and learning to stand on my own feet.

In 2018, grandma died of illness, dad cried until he could not kneel down, and relatives could not stand up to help him. I only dare to whisper: let him cry, so that he can feel better. More than half a year after the funeral, I often saw my father smoking a cigarette and sitting in the yard in a daze. At this time, I will be very "distressed", but I don't know what to do.

I can't feel my father's sadness, I only know that my father has no father and mother. And I, to be more concerned about, understanding, filial piety to my mom and dad.

Dad has been a farmer all his life, honest and inarticulate. The delicious food will quietly help me keep it. He is responsible for all the dirty and bitter things in the family. On school days outside the province, no matter how hard the family is, the living expenses are always on time. Happy life is his rough hands and tired back, step by step to bring us.

On May 26 this year, I was extremely worried that my father would not speak at my wedding ceremony and would be embarrassed, because when I asked him in advance, he just said, let's play temporarily. At the beginning of the ceremony, when the host handed him the microphone: Thank you very much for your busy schedule to attend the wedding of my son and daughter-in-law. Please have fun and have fun. If you can't take care of it, please forgive me. Thank you all!

The speech is concise, the speech speed is soothing, and the voice is thick and powerful. Dad said, the scene burst into thunderous applause, for a long time......




We often say that maternal love is great.

But less care for his father

Always feel that he is invincible

But, after years of baptism

They also grow old and pretend to be strong.

He is not an invincible superman.

He also needs care.

This Father's Day, say to your father:

Happy Father's Day!

As time goes by, may you be as energetic as you were then!