Laser Spectroscopy Research Institute of Shanxi University came to Pengfei Group to seek cooperation


Pengfei, Shanxi

On June 9, Jia Suotang, former president of Shanxi University and professor of the Institute of Laser Spectroscopy of Shanxi University, and his entourage came to Pengfei Group to seek cooperation with advanced technology. Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, received them. The two sides conducted interactive discussions on the content of R & D projects, related technology promotion and cooperation mode in promoting coal spot trading and clean and efficient utilization.




At the meeting, the participating experts introduced the basic situation, research direction, technology and application of research and development projects of the Institute of Laser Spectroscopy of Shanxi University.




Zhang Lei, Professor, Institute of Laser Spectroscopy, Shanxi University

The goal is to make two sets of systems. One is the control system for incoming coal, which can realize unmanned intervention in the whole process of mining, production, quantity and storage of incoming coal, and carry out vehicle analysis and detection on incoming coal trucks to prevent inferior coal from entering the factory. The second is the on-line detection of coal quality in the coal washing plant, which provides real-time coal quality data, guides fine coal blending or coal washing and optimized utilization and blending, and realizes clean and efficient utilization of coal.




Ma Weiguang, Professor, Institute of Laser Spectroscopy, Shanxi University

We have developed carbon 14 detection technology, applied for six patents based on this technology, and three original inventions matching the technology. We plan to produce a prototype by the end of this year, and now we have completed the processing of key instruments.




Jia Suotang, a professor at the Institute of Laser Spectroscopy of Shanxi University, expressed the hope that through industry-university-research cooperation, they will give full play to their respective advantages and achieve an effective combination of technological achievements and the market in coal quality analysis, mine gas detection, carbon emission monitoring and other technologies and applications.

Chairman Zheng Peng is full of expectations for the new results of research in the future industrialization. He said that he hopes to build a long-term, close and efficient R & D and technology promotion platform with the help of strong scientific research technology and talent advantages, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote a win-win situation for colleges and enterprises.




After the meeting, Jia Suotang and his party went to Pengfei Coking Plant for on-the-spot investigation. After in-depth understanding of the existing technology of coke quality inspection, they had an exchange and discussion on coal methane detection technology with relevant leaders of Pengfei Group's coal industry and coking industry.