This is a solicitation order | Father's love is silent, but I wish to leave a mark......


Pengfei, Shanxi

这是一条征集令 | 父爱无声,惟愿留痕……


"You stand where you are and I'll buy you two oranges."

When I was a child, I couldn't read Zhu Ziqing's "Back". When I grow up, every time I read it, tears always come to my eyes. In life, my father is always resolute and warm. Maybe he is silent, but his love for us can't be said for a lifetime.


这是一条征集令 | 父爱无声,惟愿留痕……


Deep inside everyone, there is the deepest mark on the father. As Father's Day approaches, I believe you must want to share with everyone the little bits and pieces of father's love. So, please join us, pick up the camera, through these eyes, share your story with your father ~


It's a solicitation order


Activity time:

9 June 2022-15 June 2022


Solicitation object:

All employees of Pengfei Group


Content direction:

First of all, a photo with my father is fine,

Father's back, change can,

Single-person photos and group photos are fine,

These can be, can be!

It's better to be warm ~

It's not good to be handsome alone ~

这是一条征集令 | 父爱无声,惟愿留痕……

Secondly, you can also have fun with your parents,

Funny, sensational, lively, humorous......

It's the kind you see in daily brush trembles.

As long as it is a common memory can be

这是一条征集令 | 父爱无声,惟愿留痕……

And then, as a father, you

Can also be submitted

Come and show you as a father

Have a wonderful time with your children.

Excited (› <›)

这是一条征集令 | 父爱无声,惟愿留痕……

Finally, it doesn't matter if there are no photos or videos,

Tell me about my father's heroic deeds"

Also can da ~

Like when you were a kid, riding your bike,

Can't you stand up and pedal? (Just kidding)

We want all the stories about fathers,

Touching, interesting, surprising, we all want ~


Form of submission:

1. Photos (one to five in quantity, clear in size <10M, small in size and rich in meaning)

2. Video material or finished product (video length within one minute, clear picture, no jitter, bright theme)

3. Short essays (the number of words is controlled within 800 words and the content is organized)


Participation channels:Each participant will send their work to Zhang Xin, a friend space fusion media.


Tips:At the same time of sending works, be sure to give a description to each work, and indicate the contributor and the department to which it belongs. many photos or videos should be packaged in folders for sending oh ~ say important things three times ~ say three times ~ three times ~ times


Selection process

June 15 deadline for submission

June 16-June 17 Financial Media Center Selection

June 19 Public Number, Shake Sound Exhibition


Do you think this is the end? We don't want it for nothing, we also have dignity ~ I now announce that all the selected works will have a certain allowance, what are you waiting for? Quick submission!


这是一条征集令 | 父爱无声,惟愿留痕……


Love is said out loud!

Stop this busy moment,

On Father's Day,

Overcome shyness, confess your heart,

To the beloved father deep blessing!