Shanxi News Network Pays Attention to the Development of Hydrogen Port in Pengfei Pengwan


Pengfei, Shanxi

The requirement of high-quality development is green development. Pengfei actively responds to the overall requirements of national green development, takes Pengfei spirit as the guide, innovation as the starting point, and hydrogen fuel as the breakthrough point, and takes the lead in opening up the hydrogen production path of coke oven gas, which is the green transformation and development of Shanxi. It has played an exemplary role. Pengfei hydrogen energy has become an "important business card" for the green development of Xiaoyi, Luliang and even Shanxi ".



On June 7, three reporters from Luliang TV Station walked into the site of the Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park project. This time, they focused their attention on the project progress, industrial advantages, and advanced technology of the industrial park. The purpose is to take the beneficial exploration of Pengfei hydrogen energy industry and Pengfei green transformation and development as the starting point to show the new measures and achievements of Xiaoyi City in green transformation and development, as well as the important role played by Pengfei Group.




This report is also the trump card column of Shanxi Satellite TV, which once again focuses on Pengfei's strategic position in "double carbon emission reduction" and "transformation and development" this year. (Previously reported: Shanxi TV station "economy 30 points" focus on Pengfei coking plate innovation road)



Industry is the core support of county economic development, and Pengfei hydrogen energy industry has become the "number one project" of Xiaoyi's transformation and development ". As the only private enterprise in Shanxi Province listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprises, Pengfei Group will also strictly implement the main responsibility of the enterprise's ecological and environmental protection, and contribute "Pengfei Power" to the promotion of green and low-carbon transformation in Xiaoyi City "!