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Shanxi Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. was established on January 21, 2020. Its legal representative is Zheng Peng,Is a collection of coal, coke, chemical industry, hydrogen energy industry, logistics, finance, cultural tourism hotel as one of the digital intelligence, recycling of the whole industry chain main enterprise.

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Chinese name:shanxi pengfei group co., ltd

Date of establishment: January 21, 2020

Legal Representative: Zheng Peng

Company type: limited liability company (natural person investment or holding)

Enterprise Profile

shanxi pengfei group co., ltdAdhering to the corporate mission of "creating happiness for people who care about Pengfei's career", and pursuing the development vision of "becoming the world's leading clean energy and smart enterprise", since 1993, when 25000 yuan was the starting capital, it has been working hard for more than 30 years and has undergone great changes in the spring and autumn, from small local coke production enterprises to become bigger and stronger, the whole industry chain with 60 billion assets and 20000 employees, which integrates coal, coke, chemical industry, logistics, finance, five-star hotels and cultural tourism, is the top 500 Chinese enterprises in the whole industry chain.

Enterprise culture

Pengfei mission: to create happiness for the heart of the cause of Pengfei people

Pengfei vision: to become the world's leading clean energy smart enterprise

Pengfei Values: Love, Innovation and Pragmatic Leadership

Pengfei Pursuit: Today's Brilliant Look at Pengfei

Pengfei Spirit (8-word Policy of Being a Person): Loyalty, Noble and Enterprising

Pengfei Style (16-word Guidelines for Doing Things): Changing Ideas, Keeping Pace with the Times and Pursuing Perfection

Pengfei people: a group of persistent dreamers

development process

Pengfei Group was founded in 1993. After 29 years of development, it started with a capital of 25000 yuan and developed from small tujiao to one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises. Raw coal production bases are located in Luliang, Changzhi, Jincheng and Yangquan. Now it has 60 billion assets and more than 20000 employees. It is a digital, intelligent and circular whole industry chain main enterprise integrating coal, coke, chemical industry, hydrogen energy industry, logistics, finance, culture and tourism hotel. The business scope covers the whole country, in the practice of carbon peak, carbon neutral target, is a green low-carbon technology enterprises with leading advantages.

From scratch, difficult start, extensive development [1993-2002]]

In 1993, Pengfei Group started from 25,000 yuan of small earth coke. After 7 years of small coking development, Pengfei Group refined from three earth coke ovens to 30 earth coke ovens. In 2000, small soil coke was eliminated due to backward technology and serious pollution. Pengfei Group took the initiative to transform, using the only coal washing equipment to open the road of coal washing, and signed a coal washing contract with Taigang's agreement households. With hard work and wisdom, Pengfei Group acquired nine coke refining plants in Gaoyang Village in two years and expanded rapidly to other places.

In the initial stage, Pengfei Group summed up the experience of "confidence is more important than gold.

Seize the opportunity, strengthen confidence and make correct decisions [2003-2009]]

In 2003, when the SARS epidemic broke out, Pengfei Group seized the opportunity in the crisis and created a miracle of development during the SARS period. With the spirit of facing difficulties and perseverance, it changed from a small coal washing plant to 22 small coal washing plants. The plant has developed from a coal washing plant with almost no working capital to a medium and large enterprise with more than 0.5 billion yuan of working capital.

Since then, Pengfei's management system has been established for the first time, and Pengfei's unique corporate culture-Pengfei spirit has been formed. It has developed into an independent coal washing enterprise with 15 million tons of coal washing capacity, and has become an indispensable strategic partner of Baosteel, Angang, Shougang, Hegang, Taigang, Shigang, Taiyuan coal gasification and other major steel mills in China.

In 2008, under the influence of the global financial crisis, combined with its own strength, Pengfei Group began to develop into the coking industry, opened the first coking enterprise merger-Xingchen Coking, since then the acquisition of Chenming Coking, Poly Xingchen Coking, Jiaokou Gangyu Coking.

In the development stage, Pengfei Group summed up the experience of "choice is more important than effort.

Do fine coking, fine chemical industry and large coal [2010-2020]]

In 2010, Pengfei Group determined the development path of "big coking and big coking", and created a new green coking development model of "coke as a supplement and chemical-based", which truly opened a foothold in Shanxi, facing the world, and leaping The road of transformation and development.

On May 15, 2011, the 5 million-ton/year coking project of Pengfei Group started construction, and the oven was ignited and baked on October 10, 2012; the country's first 6.25-meter three-stage heating tamping coke oven was built, creating a national large-scale Coke oven construction period The shortest record;

May 19, 2013, Pengfei Group 600000 tons of methanol co-production LNG ammonia project foundation;

From 2016 to 2020, it will develop to the upstream coal mining industry, successively merging the third mine of Ma Junyu Company, the eighth mine and the first plant of Qinhe Company, and Pingding Huineng Coal Industry;

In 2017, Pengfei was rated as "Shanxi Province's Demonstration Enterprise of Integration of the Two" by the Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Commission ";

From February 2018 to September 2020, Pengfei Methanol Plant and Pengfei Coking Plant were successively rated as "green plants" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the people's Republic of China, and they are the only coking enterprises in the province that have two "green plants" at the same time;

In 2020, it was ranked 475th on the list of China's top 500 private enterprises, and the top 100 private enterprises in Shanxi Province ranked 6th.

In the growth stage, Pengfei Group summed up the experience of "science and technology is the first productive force.

Keep up with the times and lead the world in green development [after 2021]]

On January 1, 2021, Pengfei Group entered the global green ultimate energy-hydrogen energy industry in an all-round way, and the construction of Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, the country's largest northern hydrogen energy supply port, was officially started. On the same day, the country's first 5G coal coke chemical intelligent application platform jointly built with China Unicom was officially put into operation.

From April 7 to July 30, 2021, Pengfei Group's corporate culture system was jointly built and successfully released.

In 2021, it entered the list of China's top 500 enterprises for the first time, ranking 354. It is the only private enterprise selected in Shanxi Province. It ranked 166 and 87 respectively in the list of "China's top 500 private enterprises in 2021" and "China's top 500 manufacturing private enterprises in 2021", both ranking first in Shanxi Province. At the same time, it was ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in China and ranked 47th in social responsibility.

In 2022, Pengfei Group will lead the development with Pengfei spirit and move towards the future together. Everything is possible. Grasping the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, and building a new development pattern, Pengfei has embarked on a new journey, with the mission of "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause" and "becoming the world's leading clean energy smart enterprise" As the goal, with the values of "love, innovation, pragmatism, and leadership", Pengfei, a group of persistent dream chasers, set sail again towards the new development concept!

Enterprise products

A diversified, high-tech, comprehensive circular economy group private enterprise integrating raw coal mining, clean coal production, coke smelting, logistics and transportation, international trade and five-star hotels.

Company Honor

354th of China's Top 500 Enterprises

Top 500 Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises in China

Title of Top 100 Enterprises in Shanxi Province

Strong 100 of Private Enterprises in Shanxi Province

Shanxi Province Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation (Coal Chemical) Demonstration Enterprise

Enterprise credit evaluation AAA credit enterprise.

Shanxi Province Meritorious Enterprise

Social activities

In 2022, Pengfei Group will donate 5 million yuan again to help xiaoyi city's epidemic prevention and control work.