Dragon Boat Festival Ankang, Long "Zongzi" debut! → Quick stamp


Pengfei, Shanxi


Dumpling-Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese culture has a long history.

The national spirit is timeless.

The Dragon Boat Festival is China's first world heritage festival,

It has a long history and rich cultural connotation,

Inheriting the spiritual lifeline of the Chinese nation.

The leaves of rice dumplings are fragrant on May 5, and the Dragon Boat Festival sends blessings!

During the festive season, Pengfei Group will provide benefits to all employees, and this time is no exception! In order to express the love for every employee and continue the intimate tradition of "every holiday benefit", the group has distributed exquisite Dragon Boat Festival benefits to everyone in advance. Glutinous rice, jujube, honey, let's make this dragon boat festival soft waxy ~



Festival welfare not only reflects Pengfei's inheritance and attention to traditional culture, but also carries meticulous care for all employees, and truly realizes the mission of "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause.

Once the spring and autumn, a year old youth. Dragon Boat Festival, looking forward to good weather, wish each other well-being.

Children's Fun Dragon Boat Festival

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Pengfei Group Yongjin Property Organization owners held a Dragon Boat Festival, inviting everyone to weave colorful ropes, fight dragon boats, eat cold cakes, throw pots... Let everyone better experience the fun of Dragon Boat Festival customs and understand the excellent traditional Chinese culture, which can be described as full of rituals.

Colorful Long Life


For thousands of years, a wisp of colorful, a touch of fragrance, is the symbol of "well-being.

The Eastern Han Dynasty's "Custom and Anonymous Text": "Ties arms with colorful silk to avoid ghosts and soldiers, which makes people not sick and plague, and a long life."


Dragon Boat Festival Pot


The arrow is not malicious, the position is unstable, the team is formed to throw the pot, the five poisons are removed ~ I also come to experience the joy of an ancient literati.


(Are you sure you won't be moved by such a lovely lottery head)

Desktop Dragon Boat Race


May 5 is Duanyang. Dragon boats are both making trouble in the Yangtze River. Dong dong Qiang; Dong dong Qiang; Dong dong dong dong Qiang.

I haven't rowed a dragon boat, but I can make my own dragon boat and work with my parents to see who has the fastest hand speed ~


"Everything in the world is gone, only the fragrance is like the old days." May we all be so. In ordinary years, there is beauty to stop and fragrance to flow. I wish the Dragon Boat Festival in good health!