The Coal-based Industry Group of Shanxi University came to Pengfei Group for investigation.


Pengfei, Shanxi

In order to further deepen pragmatic exchanges, we will carry out deeper cooperation in promoting industrial transformation, accelerating technological innovation, and strengthening personnel training.

On May 27, Zhang Quanxi, deputy dean of the School of Environment and Resources of Shanxi University, led the Shanxi University research team to Pengfei Group for research and held a symposium. Accompanied by leaders of Luliang City and Xiaoyi City Government, Ma Xiaolong, assistant to the president of Pengfei Group, received them.



Before the meeting, the coal-based industry group of Shanxi university and its party successively conducted on-the-spot investigation on the dry quenching project, hydrogen energy industry layout, informatization and intelligent construction in pengfei coking plant, pengwan hydrogen port industrial park, 5G dispatching center and digital exhibition hall.




At the meeting, Zhang Wanhong, deputy director of the Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, first expressed a warm welcome to the research team and introduced the basic situation of the Xiaoyi City Park base. The Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the Industry and Information Bureau, the Ecological Environment Bureau, and the Energy Bureau respectively Introduced the city's 14th Five-Year Development Plan, industrial chain extension, low-carbon technology development, and recycling park construction.



Ma Xiaolong on the basic situation of Pengfei Group, industrial development initiatives and experience in detail.

Pengfei Group should not only build a 5G demonstration zone, but also form the whole industry and new industrial formats, so as to create a new intelligent road for the transformation and development of coal coking in the whole province. Future 5G applications may extend unlimited real-time control units to Pengfei employees, infinitely magnifying and improving the scale and efficiency of the enterprise.



After listening to the relevant introductions of the participants, Zhang Quanxi expressed the hope that Xiaoyi City and Shanxi University can give full play to their respective advantages, proceed from reality, combine the disciplines, talents, and R & D advantages of Shanxi University, and cultivate professional and skilled talents. Carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of transportation and coal-based industry development.



At the end of the meeting, Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, said that high-quality development must be all-factor, and all aspects of supply, marketing, procurement and production need to focus on the main axis of high-quality development. attach importance to the role of science and technology in the development of enterprises.

What we feel most about the future vision of the enterprise is the desire for knowledge and technology. Welcome Dean Zhang and his party to Pengfei. They can see the current situation of Pengfei. They also hope that they can come to Pengfei frequently around the industrial advantages of Shanxi University and the advantages of various professors and experts, so as to open up gaps in the technical bottlenecks encountered by Pengfei in the development process. Pengfei will certainly be able to do its best in the field to support the needs of school professors in all aspects and take the lead in making an innovation in Pengfei.