Shanxi Energy Bureau Leaders Investigate the Grid-connected Work of Pengfei CDQ Waste Heat Power Generation


Pengfei, Shanxi

On the afternoon of May 20, Yao Shaofeng, director of Shanxi Energy Bureau, organized a special meeting on the grid connection of Pengfei CDQ waste heat power generation at Pengfei Coking Plant. Zheng Peng, chairman and President of Pengfei group, received and reported on the progress of CDQ grid connected power generation project of enterprises concerned by the research group.



Hou Binglet, Deputy Director of Shanxi Energy Bureau, Yang Jucai, Deputy Mayor of Luliang Municipal Government, Liu Shiqing, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Luliang Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, Guo Qingzhi, Deputy Secretary of Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Government, Li Yongsheng, Deputy Mayor, and Shanxi Province, Leaders of relevant functional departments of Luliang City and Xiaoyi City participated.



By interpreting the minutes of the provincial government's "Special Meeting on Promoting the Grid Connection of Dry Quenching Coke Waste Heat Power Generation", the leaders at the meeting coordinated and solved the problem of grid connection of transmission lines "outside the fence" mentioned by Pengfei. It is clear that the supporting projects such as CDQ waste heat power generation "within the wall" shall be independently accepted by the enterprise, and the quality supervision station of the provincial electric power company shall be responsible for the "outside the wall.



At the meeting, Yang Ju Cai and Guo Qingzhi put forward requirements for the CDQ project and the supporting power generation and grid connection work in turn, and reported on the rectification of the city's "two high" projects, energy consumption and other project layouts.




The meeting also reported the progress of the dry quenching project and the supporting waste heat power generation grid connection project of Shanxi Gongyang New Energy Co., Ltd. in Qingxu County, Taiyuan City. Yao Shaofeng pointed out that the grid-connected work of CDQ waste heat power generation must be implemented throughout the province.



Yao Shaofeng coordinated and solved the problems existing in the grid connection of Pengfei CDQ waste heat power generation, and pointed out that the governments of Luliang City and Xiaoyi City and enterprises should implement the clear requirement of "epidemic prevention, economy stability and development safety" put forward by the General Secretary, step up efforts to speed up, strengthen and coordinate the rectification progress of the "two high" projects, make good use of the new energy consumption policy, and seize the favorable policy window period, accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation of the energy structure.

Before the meeting, Chairman Zheng Peng also accompanied Yao Shaofeng and his party to conduct a field survey at the site of Pengfei CDQ project, and introduced the project investment, process flow, equipment operation, etc.