Deepening School-enterprise Cooperation to Build Enterprise of Integration of Production and Education


Pengfei, Shanxi


In order to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, strengthen the docking of supply and demand, open up employment channels and jobs for graduates, and effectively improve the quality of applied and innovative talent training, on the morning of May 17, Zhang Suqin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Luliang Vocational and Technical College, led a team to Pengfei Group for in-depth discussion.




At the meeting, Director of Human Resources Dong Xue'an and Training Director of Human Resources Hu Fan made a brief report on the recruitment and training of Pengfei Group and put forward the needs of the enterprise.

Director of Human Resources Dong Xue'an

Shanda Coal Washing Plant is a training base for training talents in washing and selection. Can the school consider helping us export some intellectual resources and improve the construction of teachers and technological process in the training base.

Hu Fan, Training Supervisor of Human Resources Department

Regarding the content of the industry and emerging industries, according to the future development needs, whether the school has suitable teachers and suitable school direction, make an integration to help us cultivate and discover some talents in hydrogen energy and new energy.


During the period, Ma Zhong Hua, assistant to the dean of Luliang Vocational and Technical College, and relevant persons in charge discussed the new development trend of enterprises and changes in talent demand, and learned about the employment situation of graduates and the development of follow-up training cooperation bases.




The relevant person in charge of the human resources department put forward the enterprise's demand for technical personnel in coal mines, chemicals, machinery and equipment and related skills training. In this regard, Guo Haiyuan, vice president of Lvliang Vocational and Technical College, gives the corresponding solution.



Guo Haiyuan, vice president of Lvliang Vocational and Technical College

On the one hand, enterprises should use their spare time to organize employees to carry out quality improvement training; on the other hand, at the request of the Department of Education, enterprises should solidly promote the construction of a "society of skills with certificates for everyone". Schools can carry out various training such as coke oven certificates and porcelain oven certificates according to the needs of enterprises, so as to improve the quality of employees in an all-round way.



Zhang Suqin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lvliang Vocational and Technical College

Zhang Suqin hopes that schools and enterprises can strengthen integration and seek common development, deepen the integration of industry and education, and realize the benign interaction of industry, learning, and research and the "win-win situation" of schools, enterprises, and students ".

He also said that the cooperation between the school and Pengfei is multifaceted, with space and future. From the perspective of the promotion of teachers and the construction of double-qualified teachers, the school is willing and needs to hire skilled craftsmen like Bai Qinglong as part-time teachers in the school. This is also to create a professional atmosphere for the school and strengthen professional and experience for students. Workplace training.