365 days, he came home a handful of times


Pengfei, Shanxi

Busy with your work

How long have you been home?

Stick to your post every holiday.

Is it the most afraid of being asked

There is no home

Let's walk into today's hero

Li Junwen

Understand the story behind him ~



The morning meeting at 7 o'clock every morning

Li Junwen's one-day schedule was opened.

Like a similar morning meeting

It has been holding on for more than two years.


Early 2020

The old Yonghong mine, which was already depleted in resources and difficult conditions

Suffered a double whammy of the "12.13" accident and the new crown epidemic.

Li Junwen was appointed director of Yonghong Mine in the face of danger.



For several months, Li Junwen daily rush to return to work and resume production procedures, at that time, because of the epidemic, many restaurants are closed, Li Junwen often afraid of delay and hungry, later, the procedures are eventually he ran smoothly, do all. At his insistence, Yonghong Coal Mine reversed the five-month shutdown and completed the annual output in only seven months.

In the double torrent of the epidemic and the "12.13" accident, Li Junwen carried the flag of Yonghong!



After more than two years in the mine, in addition to arranging the whole mine in an orderly way, Li Junwen shuttles to every corner of Yonghong mining area every day, giving full play to his master's professional director in the field of mining engineering, actively seeking 3# coal seam recovery, two-level deepening project, proposing methods such as crushing resource mining, promoting technical transformation project of coal washing plant, implementing enterprise organization reform, and internal personnel training, etc., to extend the service life of this old mine for nearly 20 years, it shows the responsibility and responsibility of a Pengfei mine manager. He was awarded the honorary title of "dedication award" at the 2021 annual commendation meeting of the group company.


In the eyes of leaders, he is a conscientious and good assistant; in the eyes of colleagues, he is a "desperate Saburo"; in the eyes of employees, he is an approachable "good leader".

He has always been a very serious and persistent person. He takes the lead in doing things and often goes deep into grass-roots research. His carefulness and persistence have a charm that infects everyone around him. Under his influence, we are all raising our demands on ourselves.

-- Yonghong Coal Mine Production Mines Yu Junli



When it comes to family, Li Junwen is guilty. Although his home is less than 20 minutes away from the mining area, he goes home only a handful of times a year. When his 10-year-old son was ill, he could only go home and take a quick look. Then he rushed back to the mine non-stop and continued to work.


I am used to his busy state, and it is impossible to have no complaints in my heart, but I also see his hard work in my eyes. I occasionally go home and see him tired. I don't have the heart to swallow some complaints in my heart. I just hope he can work smoothly and safely. He told me that Pengfei is an enterprise with firm goals and an enterprise that conforms to the development trend of the times. Although I don't quite understand it, I support his decision. What I can do for him is to be his wife at home and take good care of his family.

-- Wife of Yonghong Coal Mine Director Guo Lingyun

My father is very busy. He works during the day and at night. Sometimes he thinks very much about his father. During the summer vacation, I will go to my father's work place to see him. My father is a great man, and I want to be like him when I grow up.

-- Guo Licheng, son of manager of Yonghong Coal Mine



365 days a year, Li Junwen 350 days in the coal mine. This is not only a number, but also a contribution to the mine. He always said that "no rules can make a circle", to "say goodbye to irregularities, to say goodbye to not fine, to say goodbye to not thinking", organized and formulated more than 80 systems such as "Yonghong Coal Mine" 13710 "Work Management System" and "5H Management Measures", To achieve safety management rules to follow, to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the mine, one book, one page, one page, he's the one who brought everyone out early and late.


I just did what I had to do. As a mine manager, I had to make profits for the company and steer the mine well so that I could solve the actual needs of the employees. Pengfei Group has been listed as one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises. We are proud of it and feel great pressure. We will turn pressure into driving force, follow the development pace of the group company, give full play to the driving role of "ten major productive forces", and make unremitting efforts for the development of Pengfei.

-- Li Junwen, director of Yonghong Coal Mine


Li Junwen is a loyal practitioner of Pengfei spirit and the epitome of many "Pengfei people". His persistence and spirit will inspire all cadres and workers of Yonghong to write a new chapter in Yonghong's development on the new journey of "Pengfei's Centennial Vision.