Winter Flame Stabilizes People and Sending Warmth-Pengfei Natural Gas Cold Love




In this cold winter, with the implementation of the coal-to-gas project, there is an abnormal shortage of natural gas supply. It is understood that the national natural gas source gap this year exceeds 10 billion cubic meters. In this special period, Pengfei Natural Gas, based on the principle of protecting people's livelihood and maintaining stability, launched a gas supply emergency plan. All employees worked overtime, insisted on stable and high natural gas production, and went all out to provide natural gas for the surrounding 100 kilometers. In this cold season, like a fire, in the cold winter for everyone to send a warm. In particular, it effectively solves the heating problem in densely populated places such as schools and houses, so that students have a warm and comfortable learning environment and a warm home.

Pengfei Group attaches great importance to people's livelihood, takes the protection of people's livelihood as its primary task, gives up the high profits of industrial gas supply, and gives priority to the supply of natural gas to the surrounding civilian use. Pengfei Group provides the energy needed for heating in Beiwutong Village, Wutong New District. With the joint efforts of all employees of Pengfei Group, all villagers in Beiwutong Village have achieved high-quality heating, making the house warmer.

According to a previous report by China Youth Daily, some schools have not been heated from November 15 to early December. Some schools arrange students to have classes in the sun outdoors because the classrooms are too cold, or take students to the playground for running and heating, but many primary school students have frostbite. All heating has now been achieved.

Pengfei methanol co-production LNG is a safe, green, intensive and efficient clean energy supply base built by Pengfei Group according to the positioning of "to be the best in the world", under the guidance of the concept of bravely being the vanguard of the energy industry revolution and striving to be the guardian of the blue sky, based on the standards of innovative development, focusing on quality and pursuing excellence. The project has completely changed the history of coke oven gas emission, ignition, air pollution and waste of resources in the past, achieved ultra-low emissions, truly implemented the national policies on energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, and filled the gap in the gas source in the central part of our province.

Under the spirit of devotion to the great cold, one more party will provide more warmth for one party. Pengfei people will do their best to protect the air source and exchange our hard work for the warmth of one party. At this time, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission has provided Pengfei with a strong motivation. Pengfei people will use their full power to actively ensure production and ensure the stability of one party under the great love of taking social needs as their own responsibility and national needs as their own responsibility.