Green Qingming Civilization Sacrifice


Pengfei Rong Media Center

Another year of spring grass green, pear flower wind is clear. Ching Ming Festival is a traditional spring festival. At this time of year, the old and the new, the temperature rises, everything is clean, and the earth presents the image of spring and Jingming. It is a good time for tomb-cleaning and spring outing in the suburbs. However, recently, the domestic epidemic has been characterized by many points, wide coverage and frequent occurrence, and the situation of prevention and control is grim and complex. Here, Pengfei Group warmly reminds all employees and friends in the society:

The same feeling as Qingming

Advocate the use of "cloud sacrifice", home remembrance, on behalf of the sacrifice and other green methods, the implementation of peak-shifting sacrifice, effectively reduce the gathering and movement of personnel, and create a safe and civilized social atmosphere of sacrifice. The scale of tomb sweeping should be reduced from a small age, the residence time should be reduced, and the tomb sweeping should be left as soon as possible to avoid personnel gathering. Offer a bunch of flowers, plant a tree, tell a story of the past, miss the dead, place grief, and jointly improve the level of social civilization.

Pay close attention to the dynamics of the epidemic

Pay close attention to the epidemic situation and epidemic prevention policies at the destination, and do not travel far if necessary; plan the route in advance and arrange transportation reasonably; strictly restrict travel to medium and high-risk areas.

Strengthen self-protection and develop healthy habits. When entering and leaving public places, you must maintain hygienic habits such as wearing masks correctly, washing hands frequently, frequent ventilation, no gathering, and one-meter noodles, and avoid directly touching your eyes, mouth, and nose with your hands; reduce the number of conversations and meals with others during the journey.

Green Qingming

Although the distance is far, it cannot block missing. Although the thought is strong, safety cannot be ignored. Only by insisting on civilized and green sacrifices and sweeping the new wind can we have a safe and orderly Qingming holiday.

All of us Pengfei people should start from ourselves, be the practitioners of civilization and the forerunners of changing customs, express our nostalgia for our ancestors, sages and martyrs with the practical actions of civilization, and make our own contribution to the construction of a civilized society.