Solicitation | Now, send me a picture of Pengfei Spring Day


Pengfei, Shanxi

征集 | 就现在,发给我一张鹏飞春日图


I don't know if you have noticed some changes in spring.

The wind strikes overnight, and the buds are green.

The flowers bloom and spring comes as promised.

Through the gaps in the green leaves on the table

The gentle face of my colleague, the earnest look

Do you stop for them?

Take photos and freeze the beautiful moment


征集 | 就现在,发给我一张鹏飞春日图


Spring is the season of sowing, is also the season of strugglers. On this spring day, Pengfei Group launched a spring photo collection activity with the theme of "opening the way from spring to the future. Through Pengfei production, spring beauty, engineering construction, working conditions and other angles, to show the beauty of spring, Pengfei, construction, labor, humanistic beauty from the perspective of employees, to convey the Pengfei Group armed thinking, uplifting spirit, forward the vigorous attitude, cohesion of epidemic prevention and control and Pengfei development determination and confidence.


征集 | 就现在,发给我一张鹏飞春日图


征集 | 就现在,发给我一张鹏飞春日图


征集 | 就现在,发给我一张鹏飞春日图


When we talk about the appearance of spring, there are often too many answers. These answers are as colorful and long as spring itself. So this time, let the camera speak instead of words. We invite every employee of Pengfei to share the image of Pengfei Spring Day.

Solicitation time:

20 March -26 March 2022

Solicitation object:

Pengfei Group all cadres and workers

Solicitation method:

1. Each participant will send the photo of Pengfei Spring to Zhang Xin of Friends Space Pengfei Rong Media Center for preliminary examination (it can be scenery, characters and all the photo forms that you think can reflect the spring, either single photo or group photo).

2. At the same time of sending photos, each photo shall be marked with "the name of the group photographer to which the photo name belongs".

3. The entries must be original, with clear pictures, distinct themes, positive and artistic beauty.

4. After preliminary screening of all submitted works, Pengfeirong Media Center will put them on WeChat public platform for online voting. The first, second and third prizes will be selected according to the number of votes. In addition, all finalists will receive additional subsidies from the press team.

Activity Rewards:

The first prize is worth one gift from 300 yuan.

The second prize is worth 2 gifts from 200 yuan.

The third prize is worth 3 gifts from 100 yuan.

Award for Excellence in a jar of honey 30


征集 | 就现在,发给我一张鹏飞春日图


What does spring look like in your eyes?

Is it a touch of spring green?

Or is it a driving force to sow hope and forge ahead?

From spring to the future

Come and unlock a different spring ceremony

spend the spring day with pengfei