"March 8th" Women's Day Special | Mrs. is so beautiful, be sure to open it!


Pengfei, Shanxi


Spring flowers bloom in the fruit shell, and spring birds sing at the head of the spring tree. Before you know it, spring has come. We usher in our own festival in this beautiful season. In order to thank the majority of female employees for their hard work and let everyone spend a warm and bright festival, the Pengfei Group Women's Federation takes "Salute the Most Beautiful You" as the theme, Combining company elements, show the demeanor of the majority of female employees in the form of portrait. Come and have a look ~

The most beautiful "she"

Group photo of female cadres

Chief Executive Officer Direct Management System Profit Management Center Female Staff Team

Coking system laboratory female staff team

Supply and marketing system female staff team

Female staff team of financial accounting department

Female staff team of Finance Department

Female Cashier Team of Finance Department

Female staff team of administrative system

Media Center Female Staff Team

Secretary center female staff team

Female Staff Team of Yongjin Property Customer Service Center

Yongjin property cleaning female staff team

Project system female staff team

Female staff team of material supply system

Mother, wife, daughter ...... No matter what kind of status, where you live, you are an indispensable color in this world. Maybe society has given you a lot of constraints, but only you can define what you look like. Every girl has her own beauty. Love yourself is the beginning of romance.


General Manager of Profit Management Center-Feng Chunhua

Deputy General Manager of Finance and Minister of Finance-Qiao Xiaoqin

Minister of Engineering Cost Department-Li Xian'e

Minister of Production and Material Department-Liu Pingping

Deputy Minister of Comprehensive Department-Zhang Liting

Vice Minister of Technology and Quality-Wen Xiuping

Wang Junfen, Vice Minister of Financial Accounting Department

In this special and meaningful festival, the female employees of Pengfei Group are blooming with free and unique light through the photo frame of "Salute the Most Beautiful You. In their work, they are on their own. In life, they are full of love. I believe that on the new journey of Pengfei's high-quality development, they will stick to their original aspirations, continue to struggle, and live up to the good times of spring with a struggling attitude; with a beautiful mood, feel the truth, goodness and beauty of life.

The sense of ceremony given by Peng Fei

March is gentle and cordial, approaching the "March 8" International Working Women's Day, in addition to photo albums, the Party and Mass Office also sent exquisite gifts and a series of activities to female workers, so that female workers can have a full of ceremonial "March 8" International Working Women's Day in their busy work.




Women Workers Receiving Women's Day Benefits




Gentle hearts are given to you who are confident. Lectures on "Speak Your Wonderful" speech, eloquence promotion, and lectures on "Attractive Women Starting from a New Start" on female image shaping will help outstanding women enrich their spiritual and cultural life and improve their overall quality.



A team of specially invited doctors and experts will give lectures on women's health knowledge of "paying attention to health and enjoying life" for female workers, and organize female workers to carry out consultation services on basic gynecological diseases, advocating early detection, early prevention and early treatment, and develop healthy living habits.

This March, the Pengfei Women's Federation also launched an online public opinion solicitation campaign to "protect women's rights and interests" for female employees to listen to women's voices, safeguard women's rights and interests, and protect women's safety.

Carry out "female inspirational" movie viewing solicitation activities to guide female employees to have independent thinking, sunny psychology, and a positive outlook on life and values. After the experience of watching the movie is returned, the party-mass office will evaluate the collected experience and reward the evaluation experience.

In this festival,

To mothers, to wives, to lovers,

To friends, to yourself,

It is a heart, a blessing, and a mutual encouragement,

When you speak, when you write, when you promise,

are the best wishes for them,

Bless them beautiful forever, health and happiness!