Everything is possible | Pengfei Group opens a new unattended mode



At 8:30 a.m. on February 25th, the launching ceremony of the unattended system of Pengfei Group was officially held. Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group's Board of Directors and President of Pengfei Group, and the leaders of various systems pressed the start-up hub on the stage and opened the Pengfei Coking Plant. A new intelligent control logistics channel for the pilot.



It is understood that after the unattended system is put on line, offline command and service personnel including security, coal collection, weighing and other links will return to the centralized control room from the scene to provide remote guidance for the drivers of the transport vehicle to handle the loading and unloading business, so as to realize "service does not meet". Let the loading and unloading system truly realize pure and efficient operation, and create an efficient and pure application scenario for users.



At the ceremony, CEO Wang Xiaodong and the system leaders reported on the preliminary work and current preparations for the system's launch. Chairman Zheng Peng then made an important speech.

chairman zheng peng pointed out,Pengfei Group is the first company to implement an unmanned device system in an industrial system. This is a concrete manifestation of the group's efficient, comprehensive, all-round, and "no-meeting service" for users.Many car and coal users were invited to participate in today's activity, which is to let users walk into Pengfei and feel Pengfei's pure and efficient work performance.Therefore, the launch of the unmanned device system is to promise users:From then on, Pengfei Group no longer accepts all kinds of behaviors that affect Pengfei's reputation, affect users' mood and bring inconvenience to customers.Customers are also welcome to report such behaviors at any time. The group will crack down on these bad phenomena at any time, so that Pengfei's first-line business environment can truly become an efficient and green business environment.



Chairman Zheng Peng pointed out that under the cooperation of various systems and departments, many shortcomings and problems in the logistics, transportation, loading and unloading links have been solved by intelligent means in one fell swoop, providing users with efficient, comprehensive and all-round services, so that users can enter Pengfei and feel Pengfei's efficient, pure and green business environment.

This year is the key year for Pengfei to make solid progress towards building the world's leading clean energy and intelligent enterprise. In the field of industrial systems, Pengfei is the first to realize unattended online operation. Standing at a new starting point, we should take advantage of the east wind of accelerating the development of digital and intelligent manufacturing industry, forge ahead, continue to struggle and do something new!