Shanxi TV Station "Economy 30 Points" Focuses on the Innovation Road of Pengfei Coking Plate


Pengfei, Shanxi



At 8 p.m. on February 23, Shanxi Economic and Technology Channel "Economic 30" column to "start a new project to open a new bureau: energy saving and emission reduction efficiency! Pengfei coking plate into the era of dry quenching" as the title, to the province's audience reported the production site machine roar, a busy work scene.

The four-member Shanxi TV interview team drove to Pengfei Group on February 16 to visit the dry quenching coke workshop of Xinyu Coking Plant and the hydrogen energy project of Pengwan Hydrogen Port, showing the whole province how Pengfei Group, the top 500 Chinese enterprises, took the lead in transforming and developing a new road in the beginning of the New Year.

New projects carry new hope. Xinyu Coking Dry Quenching Coke Project and Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Project, as the key projects of Pengfei Group, have been paid close attention to by the provinces and cities since their commencement, and are an important support for promoting the high-quality development of the provinces and cities.




On January 11, 2022, the Xinyu dry-out project has been successfully put into operation, Pengfei coking plate into the era of dry-out.




The Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Project is a key project supervised by the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and is listed as a key project in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Shanxi Province. In December 21, the construction target of more than half of the scheduled time and more than half of the project was achieved. At present, the Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park project is advancing rapidly according to the scheduled plan and is expected to be put into operation in June 2022.

The attention of the provincial media will encourage and spur Pengfei Group to adhere to the forward-looking layout, innovation and guidance, and strive to promote "reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency". We will continue to promote the green and sustainable development of Shanxi Province and build a modern industrial system of clean energy.