Lvliang City Hydrogen Energy Industry Planning Symposium Held in Pengfei


Pengfei, Shanxi

On the morning of February 19, the Lvliang Hydrogen Energy Industry Planning Symposium was successfully held in Pengfei Group. Ren Hongzhong, deputy director of Luliang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Li Wei, secretary of the School of Economics and Management of Taiyuan University of Technology, Ma Kai, general manager of hydrogen energy of Meijin Energy Group, and other relevant leaders attended the meeting. Ma Xiaolong, assistant president of Pengfei Group, received and presided over the meeting.



At the symposium, everyone discussed the preparation and declaration of the special plan for the development of the hydrogen energy industry in Luliang City.



Li Wei said that Pengfei Group has the conditions to take another step forward to lead the front-end industry in terms of economic strength, industrial chain layout, hydrogen energy industry planning and hydrogen energy storage, transportation and research. In addition, in the overall planning, it will highlight the unique advantages of Luliang and refer to the plans passed by the surrounding reports as the support, clarify the objectives and tasks, reorganize the data and information, and promote the leapfrog development of resource-based areas with high-quality planning.



Ren Hongzhong introduced the plans and measures of enterprises represented by Pengfei for the development of the hydrogen energy industry in Luliang City. He hoped that experts would start from the height of the province's hydrogen energy industry planning and combine the actual situation of Pengfei and Meijin to tailor the precise path for the development of the hydrogen energy industry in Luliang City, so that the hydrogen energy industry would become a sharp edge in the transformation and development of Luliang City.



Ma Xiaolong made a summary of the meeting. Lvliang City has rich resource advantages such as industrial hydrogen-rich tail gas hydrogen production, wind power hydrogen production, coalbed methane hydrogen production, coal hydrogen production, especially the absolute advantage of low cost for industrial hydrogen-rich tail gas hydrogen production. Lvliang City has a wide range of coal, coke, aluminum and other bulk material transportation scenarios, with more than 60000 heavy trucks, which has the absolute advantage of application scenarios; at present, Pengfei Group is working with Shanghai Shenneng, PetroChina and other advantageous enterprises to lay out and build a comprehensive hydrogenation station. At the same time, Mayor Zhang Guangyong of Luliang City has a clear idea, a clear layout and a great deal of compensation for the layout of the hydrogen energy industry in Luliang City. Looking at the whole country, Luliang City is the region closest to the market promotion of the hydrogen energy industry. We are confident that Luliang City's hydrogen energy industry will become stronger and bigger, to achieve hundreds of billions of hydrogen energy supply port, hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing port, hydrogen energy research and development port.

I hope that the team of secretary Li Wei can make a good plan according to the overall layout of the municipal government leadership.



Before the symposium, the visiting leaders also went to Pengfei Coking Plant, Methanol Plant, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park and 5G Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform for on-the-spot investigation.