The harder the battle is, the more it must be fought! Practicing the spirit of Pengfei, everything is possible to the future together.


Pengfei, Shanxi



Revisit the eventful years and pass on the red gene. On February 8, China Film Digital Studios ticket office welcomed a group of special viewers. Pengfei Group organized more than 100 party members, cadres, and employees to watch the patriotic movie "The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake". This is also the administrative system after the Pengfei Spiritual Mobilization Conference, using such a special way to stimulate everyone's feelings of patriotism and love for enterprises.


"The battle will be very hard, but we have to win." -- The movie "Changjin Lake's Watergate Bridge"


"Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake" is based on the 7th company of a certain unit of the Ninth Corps of the Chinese People's Volunteers during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. In order to destroy the Watergate Bridge, which is the only way for the defeat of the First Division of the U.S. Army, it tells the story of the volunteer soldiers experiencing hunger, Frostbite, fire, bombing and other unimaginable hardships, a touching story of great sacrifice to win.

Sitting in the cinema, time seems to pass quickly, because every soldier's sacrifice is in a moment of gunfire; time seems to pass slowly, because every frame of the picture is the blooming of the military soul.

"The seventh company should have 157 people, but actually one person" makes people cry, and the sacrifice of all members of the ninth company is even more choking. In the case of the extreme disparity in the allocation of weapons between the two sides, the martyrs still built a new spiritual wall with their flesh and blood.


The harder the battle is, the more it must be fought! The patriotic feelings we have learned from the film should be implemented in the love of enterprises and work, and our youth and sweat should be used to contribute our wisdom and strength to Pengfei's "day by day, year by year.


The purpose of organizing this collective film viewing activity is to enable everyone to put the spirit of revolutionary ancestors who are not afraid of sacrifice and are willing to contribute into their post work, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and work together for our central goal and for our business work.

-- Wu Yanling, Deputy Director of the Party and Mass Affairs Office


As a veteran, by watching this film, I deeply realized the strong national conditions, war friendship and brotherhood. In the future, I will continue to protect our group company and defend our motherland with this feeling.

-- Zhang Jinke, patrol member of the headquarters of the Department of Security.


There are no enemies that cannot be defeated and no difficulties that cannot be overcome. I think this spirit is very similar and consistent with Pengfei's spirit. Pengfei's spirit guides us to be human and do things, and the revolutionary spirit guides us to work hard and grow continuously. In order to achieve our dream goals, we will never give up until we reach our goals.

-- Li Haigang, Chief of the Conference Affairs Section of the Secretary Center



At the end of the film, all Pengfei employees stood up and paid tribute to the revolutionary ancestors who died to defend the motherland. Snowflakes fluttering and falling, the warrior's face in my mind, slowly narrating the war that year. Heroic charge, defend the family and country, the people's heroes will be immortal!