On the eve of the Spring Festival, Pengfei Trade Union Sympathized with Difficult Workers


Pengfei, Shanxi

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Lu Xiaofang, chairman of the Pengfei Group Trade Union Federation and deputy general manager of the administration, went deep into the families of some needy workers and sent them the care and condolences of the group company.




A small rental house, carrying the ups and downs of a family of four. In the slightly damp house, Li Yuesheng's family was a little helpless to tell the impact of this year's flood, "The house has been soaked, and now the new house has not been built... Our factory has already helped a lot..." When it comes to the group assistance after the disaster, Li Yuesheng's rough face has a little smile. Lu Xiaofang handed Li Yuesheng the consolation money and comforted him affectionately, saying: "Employees are our Pengfei's most precious wealth!" He is also encouraged to have confidence in the future, continue to work hard, and reflect difficulties in a timely manner. The group company is the solid backing of all Pengfei people.




From Nanxin'an Village to Fenyang City, every household, Lu Xiaofang asked them about their physical and living conditions, understood their actual needs and demands, and listened to their opinions and suggestions. Nagging at home, cordial encouragement, the whispers are full of love and care for the employees, and the responsibility and responsibility of Pengfei Group are contained between the lines.




Wu Yanqin, a worker, sought medical treatment for her child. She couldn't help crying when she mentioned it.




Employee Che Yanping, her husband was injured at work, the burden of the family of six fell on Che Yanping alone, the family's two children are still in school, two old people have to raise, her husband's leg fracture needs to recuperate ...... Looking at Che Yanping's resolute face, that heavy sense of family responsibility resonated with everyone.

"People have joys and sorrows, and the moon has ups and downs." The Year of the Tiger is coming. I hope that this piece of condolences and condolences will bring new hope and good luck to the families of employees in need. I wish them a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. I also hope that every Pengfei person can continue our Pengfei's bright future in a happy life.

To create happiness for those who care about Pengfei's career, one cannot be less on the way to forge ahead, and together to the future!