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Pengfei, Shanxi

Happy Pengfei Greeting the New Year

Pengfei Group Spring Festival Gala



Taurus resigned from the year and the cold wind was over. Tiger Fu was happy to welcome the spring. On the evening of January 27, Pengfei Group's 2022 Spring Festival Gala-Happy Pengfei Greeting the Spring Festival was held ceremoniously in the conference hall of Pengfei Headquarters 5G + Central Dispatching and Command Management Platform.

Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, gathered together with the group's middle and senior leaders, employee representatives, and representatives of employees' relatives and friends to spend the festive season. At the same time, multi-channel live coverage of the party was set up. In addition to watching the party live, "Shanxi Pengfei" and "Live Xiaoyi" were also broadcast live online.

Tonight, Pengfei family gathered together to spend the New Year. At the beginning of the party, Chairman Zheng Peng delivered a 2022 New Year's greeting, which was the chairman's ardent entrustment to us.



In addition, in addition to the wonderful programs, there are also some specially designed links to connect employees working underground and other on-the-job workers to pay New Year's greetings. The rapid development of Pengfei cannot be separated from the brave perseverance and silent dedication and support of front-line workers.

Happy New Year

In addition to the thunderous, singing and dancing gala, many interesting activities were set up in the hall on the first floor of the venue for employees to participate in. In the jubilant atmosphere, the strong Pengfei New Year flavor was fully displayed.

Cutting window grilles, painting sugar paintings, pinching clay figurines, appreciating shadow puppets, writing Spring Festival couplets, and watching puppets, the inheritors of Xiaoyi's intangible cultural heritage have injected profound traditional details into Pengfei's Spring Festival activities.

Folk activities




Set 7 (Pray for) Winning Gifts

On the 27th, the search for Fubao to exchange mysterious gift bags in the public area of Pengfei Group's headquarters building attracted the group's employees to actively participate in the Jifu Win Award.


Lucky Draw to Take Red Envelope Surprise Home

On the 27th, the group prepared a lucky draw for everyone throughout the day, setting up five time periods of 11:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00 for the lucky draw. Fu Hu dolls and cash prizes are available, and the employees participating in the activities have gained a lot.



New Year Reading Activities

On the 27th, more than 100 books were borrowed for free throughout the day. While relaxing, the soul is also on the road; the new year will also "raise cheese".



The law returns to the spring,

Vientiane makes updates,

We and Taurus goodbye, filled with emotion.

We report to Fu Hu, full of confidence.

Finally, I wish my friends,

live and live,

Year of the Tiger Ankang!